World of Warships Trailer

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  1. Firstly, 北上!!!!!!!!! BRING KITAKAMI-SAN BACK!
    Secondly, she’s not a DD. She’s a torpedo CRUISER. Get your damn trailers right.

  2. Wait Kitakami what

  3. 1:18 Kitakami IS BACK BABY!!!

  4. Aomsin_Supanat Kongou

    Kitakami!?!?! Is she back??

  5. official game release : 2015
    trailer : 2017
    WG You had one job and you nailed it

  6. I need a submarine I-401~

  7. 1:57 seriously? P1Y1!!

  8. These guys know how to make a trailer damn.

  9. timotius ammar karo-karo

    oh please bring back that kitakami

  10. dont forget, “OP Design/paper ships “

  11. F U becos removing kitakami but still use it in trailer

  12. 北上再実装、利根販売待ってます!

  13. Kitakami comments is going Over the top :v btw nice trailer WG :3, but i still waiting for CV rebalance :’v

  14. Anh Viet Nguyen Google

    80% appearance in this video is RU ships? are stronk or just fuck

  15. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    What are those twin engine planes at 1:57?

  16. Why is this so low res? Games looks much better.

  17. kitakami confirmed to return? You decide.

  18. Trust Me!! Game is balance.
    Midway is very fucking Good.

  19. Want to see Kitakami in game again ….

  20. Kitakami when? Me wants.

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