World of Warships Transformers and USS Oklahoma

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Finally a collaboration I can get on board with! Hasbro’s Transformers! Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumble Bee and Rumble are all crashing their way into World of Warships, and this child of the 80s and 90s couldn’t be more excited! Also, USS Oklahoma makes its way into the game, and a hell of a round in a Tirpitz by Kell_Horn. Also… AUTOCONS! Why could I not remember that. I’ll blame the twins and lack of sleep.


  1. Tirpitz is a great ship. My current damage record holder. Kurfurst getting power creeped… *cough* Russian Bias *cough*

  2. A robot riding your gun turret? Hell yeah
    You got the touch, you got the powahh yeahh

  3. The Camos look incredable and i think people are been negative without seeing that this is a good way to advertise the game to new players.

  4. Aaron Sucharzewski

    At first I was like ‘is this a joke’. But am sorta excited

  5. We really haven’t had a Kancolle event since Kadokawa is very stingy about the series’ presence outside of Japan. I think WG originally planned to collab with Kancolle but Kadokawa declined so we got Arpeggio it Blue Steel instead

    • That’s sad =( aside from the series I’ve only seen Kancol take part in Weiss Schwarz

    • Kadokawa really missed the boat limiting KC to Japan only (with their nationalistic zeal). Azur Lane is taking over in popularity and capitalising on Kadokawas refusal to promote KC internationally. Heck, think it is starting to do better in Japan than KC now.

    • Melon Lord good. The kancolle anime sucked anyway. (At least in my opinion).

    • Kancolle is essentially nation locked, unlikely any collaboration will happen

  6. Wargaming gonna do collabs with everyone willing as long as there is $$ to be made…. And I dont blame them. But the thing is I usually cant afford any of them…

  7. Yay for something interesting. Hopefully they get some good transformers voice overs.

  8. Star Wars collab when?
    -Admiral Ackbar and Calamari cruiser
    -Thrawn and Imperial Star Destroyer
    cue “shut up and take my money!” crowd.
    and it would be HUGE crowd

  9. I will assume that with the Oklahoma we will get it in its last configuration and then later on in the future get the late war Nevada. I believe this do to the California coming in in 1944 state and west Virginia in 41 configuration

  10. I was hoping for some special camos for tier 9 as well, it’s the most interesting tier to play in atm imho. Not such a disparity in the power levels of different ships like in tier 10

  11. if optimus prime does not say autobots roll out nobody will buy it.

  12. What does transformers have to do with warships

  13. Why not make a skin for the transformer that actually was a boat Broadside was a CV (and a plane somehow no idea how that worked never questioned it until now) and looked damn cool. Imagine cruising around as an actual full sized Autobot aircraft carrier. I think there was maybe one other but I cant remember. I hope they do this for WoT plenty of Transformers became tanks.

  14. Due to covid related budget constraints Transformers will only be available in Premium Shop while everyone else gets GOBOTS!

  15. My USS Kidd has been the most consistent and successful for me in Ranked.

  16. “Tearpitz”? XD

  17. Says he loves Transformers but can’t remember the Autobots name…

  18. Kinda funny when he talks about anime crap, since Transformers was basically 80s anime, :).

  19. Pretty much this is a War for Cybertron: Siege collab.

  20. Don’t want to be that “Well, actually, Zoup” guy, but you may not be aware that the original Transformers was animated in Japan and the character designs for the show were created by the guy who was responsible for Macros/Robotech and Gundam and several other mecha shows. So technically your a old school anime weeb. You just weren’t aware of what a anime nerd you truly were. Congratulations, you’re now one of “Those” people. Love the channel.

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