World of Warships – Trenlass and his Benham on a two brothers middle journey

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Hey OOF-Army, this time you will see a lot of potato plays and the power of Benham torpedos. I hope you enjoy the video as always! Thank you so much! We are close to 500 Youtube subs! You guys are amazing!


  1. German Abad Corvo

    Another great game. Always go mid CR33D guy Kappa

  2. jennifer stewarts

    Youtube nothing this should go to jingles.

  3. Fun to watch mate , keep the content up!

  4. this first song – seriously???

  5. 496 subscribers, finna make it 497

    • Thank you so much! 🙂

    • I just subscribed because you are a good player who doesnt use clickbait titles to gain attention or some fake shit
      I like an honest and experienced player who doesnt trash talk 🙂
      Keep it up man

  6. Granted I’m looking at NA but you asked about the sub test. Public test starts April 16, special submarine event between 17th to 20th. Being in Germany I’m sure it’s 17th already for you.
    As always love the videos.
    I try to catch you live as much as I can but you know things don’t always work out. I could give you a hint to what my twitch name is if you think about me always misspelling my nickname for you. If you guess though keep it to yourself😉😉

  7. This is no challenge for “our” fearless OOF army Emperor ! 😛

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