World of Warships – Tricky

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The ZF-6. It’s not great, it’s not bad, it’s just real tricky to be good in it.

Little White Mouses’ ZF-6 Review:

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  1. I think I haven’t missed a single one of your videos in like 6 years. everyday I look forward to my jingles video and gotta watch it before I get going.

  2. Does the ZF-6 have SovietWomble as a special captain ? 🤔


    Last time I was early the carriers weren’t an issue in the WoWs community. XD

  4. Two krakens and none of them got first place 😀

  5. twat in the battlechat complaining that the smörrenbröd ship is playing the game…

    • Yep they are the real toxic players ruining the game.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      For best comment is when enemy comment , “what a shity team I had” , I always repply , “…and you was part of that team” , I never get repply on that …

    • @Adam Marcinkowski Or when they say that they’ve had shitty teams all day, they never consider the common denominator.

  6. *Does 17.6K damage to an enemy destroyer with his AP in 7 seconds*

    Jingles: “The AP really isn’t that great honestly either”


    • yeah tbh i am surprised that jingles does not seam to notice that in thous dd fights the zf-6 gets more pens than over pens, and while yes the ap need 21 mill to pen we also need to take into the account angeling, if the dd is slightly angled thous ap shells are gone arm noooo problem, kind of like the new german dd line, if a dd is slightly angled to you SHOOT AP, you will absolutly brutalize it because shells will arm, REMEMBER you get improved ap angles. that’s why i allways say stats are very important, BUT how do thous actualy translate in a battle? what are the firing angels of the turets? he dpm doesn’t mean shit if the dd has bad tourets angles or if the they are placed in bad places or if the shells take FOREVER to arrive at the target.
      judging a ship after a few combat trails will allways be more important than whatever the napkins stats say.

    • ciaran kilgannon

      Came on here to say the same thing. The zf-6 melts enemy destroyers

    • @Sigrid I mean HE DPM is still bad but it can utilise it well
      A quote from Flamu that I actually agree with wholeheartedly for once (not quote accurate but close enough).
      ZF-6 has a fair few tools, that it can utilise properly and consistently.

    • I can see that being really situational – it may well be that the next match, vs a different Tier IX DD that you see 3:1 OP / PEN. I think it’s a question of how reliably it works vs. ‘well it worked this time’. IDK – I haven’t played it, just an observation.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA mmm, yeah i agree, i would say that is a prty good tldr of the ship

  7. Chat was very lively this time. Potatoes of the world, unite!

  8. the last chat message for -1 for the oster that made me laugh haha

  9. I love how someone in chat on the enemy team gave a -1 to the last remaining destroyer for not suiciding, and yet that is the ship that was top of the scoreboard and fought right to the end.

    • Roderick Voordouw

      Those are the kind of WOT artillery players our mighty overlord refers to as ‘scumbags’ who think suiciding in a lost battle is very honorable.

    • No wonder the guy who reported the Öster is on the bottom half of his team and has a sub 50 winrate lol

    • People report for anything in this game. Literally anything. Have a 150k damage game in an up-tiered cruiser with 4 kills? Reported because I *dared* to be in one of the new dutch cruisers.

  10. Ah, the unsportsmanlike Ostergotland or however you spell it. Having he gall to take down an extra enemy ship with him…

  11. So, somebody on the enemy team reported that last destroyer for running away and prolonging the game? That’s unsportsmanlike behavior in itself.
    Don’t blame somebody for not rolling over and saying “I give up”. I applaud determination even in a lost cause.
    So, you might have to wait a few minutes more before you can use that ship in battle again, but that’s life.

  12. to go off Alec Wilson’s comment, I’ve been a subscriber for more than 7 years, i’ve made it a point to always watch the latest video. I occasionally miss a mingles with jingles, but even then, I don’t think i’ve skipped a single one of your videos, even the Valhalla stuff. hell, your videos on odyssey drove me to buy the game and experience it for myself. even though I no longer play world of tanks or world of warships, I still enjoy watching other people play it, and enjoying the general absurdity of those games. im not a horror fan (hate jump scares) but I still watched your resident evil casual Saturdays videos. i’ve watched you go from bohemianeagle, to your engagement with Rita, to the eventual calling off of said engagement (kind of sad, but it made sense in a way), to your reactions and withdrawal from the community creator status from war thunder and world of tanks/ships. there are several times i’ve fallen asleep to your videos, you have such a good voice. I enjoy your sense of wicked humor, and the fact that you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself or admit when you’ve made a mistake. I love the fact that you have such a wealth of knowledges and experiences and that you share them in story time. you are one of my favorite youtubers out there, and I must admit, you have definitely changed my life for the better, and helped me out of some pretty dark times in my life. No matter where I am in life, I will always take the time to sit down and enjoy some jingles.

    • That was underwhelming

    • @Dan Draft I kinda clicked the video in hopes of getting answers to Königstigers question… Now I’m disappointed.

      To add to the conversation, I too am watching Jingles video for ages now and have been a fan ever since the early WOT days. I think there are quite a lot of us, since Jingles hasn’t really changed all that much… And I appreciate that. Old man Jingles might have some new memes surrounding him, but the old Gnome is still a source of chill entertainment, solid opinions (that don’t veer into preaching at all), and a soothing voice that likes to make fun of dumb people. Or rather, dumb decisions people made. So yeah, great content.

      That said, I did NOT follow their private life apart from the Mingles with Jingles updates. Didn’t even know they were an item once, although I did assume it. Hope it was for good reasons… They still live together, right?

    • Great White North

      @Klony nope. Rita moved out a few weeks ago

    • @Klony episode 381 of mingles with jingles at 8:14 mark. He didn’t elaborate the reason though.

    • @Klony i already commented the link earlier but somehow it got deleted. Idk why.

  13. Leon Blankenhorn

    19:56 “Fighting to the bitter end”
    20:00 in chat: “Öster -1 for prolonging a lost game”
    You just can’t do anything right in WoWs 😀

    • They COULD have won that as well. They flipped the point lead for a few seconds after killing the DD. Had they also managed to land torps on the Izumo, Amagi or even Daishi, that’s another potential kill, and quite possibly enough to win, dying there GUARANTEES a loss. It’s not like it went on THAT long more anyway.

  14. John Angelo Tenorio

    Damn, the sound system’s offline. Those are some good beats.

  15. Lol imagine giving -1 to someone for not giving up.

    On a side note, the game was a fairly closed one and in fact, if Izumo died with Iowa, they might have lost the game given that Oster still kills felix.

  16. Chat: -1 for Oster for unsportsmanlike play for prolonging fight. WTF – an excellent example of why I won’t play this game any longer.

  17. Threads the Needle 3xs…guess you could say he’s a “Master Beater”

  18. The impressive feat in this video is that the division got ALL the kills. Never seen that.

  19. Octavian Augustus

    I love that “-1 for delaying a lost game” that the Öster’s own team mate gave him…

  20. Interesting that the Oster’s teammate was wanting him to just die and was being a total dick about it. BUT, if he, the Oster, had put all 8 torps into the Amagi and killed him, his team WOULD have won on points. Never give up.

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