World of warships – Triggering OMNI

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  1. Careful boys, HULK in da house

  2. Remove Kebab??

  3. Because, not cause.

  4. For your internet culture Flamby, Remove Kebab

  5. LOL u have fun boys !!! that is nice !! keep this videos …very very nice and funny !!

  6. Yeah that Team was awesome 😉 Dont know what our carrier did there after the gearing and hipper went down… at least i hit Ivath for 3 Citadels in one Salvo in his Smoke with my Donskoi 😉

  7. How have you not got 10 million subs yet jeez… gitgud

  8. I cant wait for the Kidd to come out.

  9. Gearing charge ? Check. Hipper charge ?? Check. SHOKAKU CHARGE ?!?!?! Check…

  10. Do you have How to Mogami video?

  11. whats the point of that awesome camo on the shokaku when you dont show it to everyone

  12. dat avoid torps tho ><

  13. and to think i say “oh shit” when i see OMNI on the enemy team…. next time i see you , you are so dead 🙂

  14. GG to that NC and Balti for their awesome positionning, from the start 🙂

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