World of Warships – Triple Mino Mid Rush – NOT Two brothers

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So these 2 in my division decided that we should play triple Minotaur, and since we’re already doing something crazy, why not go FULL crazy and go through the middle.

This is NOT Two Brothers map so rushing through the middle has a different meaning but we do surprise someone and he didn’t like it very much.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I hope all the smolensks get their surprises of the lifetime lol

  2. That was hilarious, gg!

  3. 7:22 Who tought, ” it’s gonna be a citadel isn’t it ? “, i did, cause kremlin.

  4. dat guys laugh lol

  5. Seeing Smolensk melt cured my camcer

  6. Seeing that Smolensk getting made into swiss cheese is the pinnacle of poetic justice.

  7. that guy laughing sounds like jonah hill on helium

  8. Spreadsheet says everyone had fun.

  9. That Ambush on the Smolensk was just so wrong but hilarious.

  10. That Smolensk prepared to anihilate everything, but… “surprise motherfcker!”

  11. The OP Smolensk crying because it got raped instead of doing the raping was hilarious. Almost as funny as Boom’s laugh.

  12. the rage the Smolensk must of had to be of epic proportion. Also booms laughter is very contagious

  13. Great fun video, the Smolensk had a doses of what he hands out each game and did not like LOL.

  14. This match was so hilarious…. Obliteration of a smolensk and the first match I’ve seen where Monkey survived

  15. Imagine playing a broken ship, getting absolutly deleted and then salt spam the allchat the whole game what a potato

  16. “I am having bacon” Rofl!!! 😀 😀

  17. Me: Looks at the title, looks at the length of the vid…

    Okay this can go one of two ways lol

  18. 7:49 Best laugh in history of perverse laughter 😀

  19. Smolensk: *dies instantly*

    Kremlin: WWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    So funny, lol.

  20. The most enjoyable wows gameplay I’ve ever seen

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