World of Warships – Triple trouble down the middle

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Me, Trenlass and Monkey on two brothers. I don’t think I need say anything anymore besides you know this one is for fun and your entertainment. Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Jong-Hwa (Jayden) Choe

    You better send this to Jingles. Pronto.

  2. I mustve clicked “match me with most useless players” button. lol

  3. A surprising tactic for Flambass would be for him to not go down middle of Two Brothers.

    • That One WA Guy announce it in chat but then take a flank like trenlass said? To push an uncontested flank and find half their team sat broadside waiting for you to show yourself in the channel 😂

    • The surprise would be if someone stopped him even though they knew he’s going in through the middle. That’s why he does it.

    • @Budo Bašović They did stop him. Flambass & co spent a third of the game bottled up behind a rock. The radar+Smolensk+DM lobbing over the mountain pass could have been the death of him. Even when they bottle him up like that, Flambass can still win when 1) his team’s weak side holds off the reds, and 2) the red team’s weak side falls back to a push by Flambass’s team. The strategy almost failed – see how he freaked out at 4:11 that his SE team was sitting around with their thumb up their stern. If the red team’s NW group had pushed their advantage earlier, then the reds could have had him from both sides. That guy was right to be pissed at their Monty & Mino.

  4. This salem dude… +1

  5. Salem actually did pretty good and he didn’t yolo he knew the others were coming from the right as well so he took the advantage to blast a DM i think.

  6. Troublesome Trio in middle action 🙂 Good start of the day.

  7. Lyavanna Hammerstone

    OH my..I didnt think this will end up here for my 15 min of fame 😉 As per Monkeys comment, I know how to shoot well, but look at the situation, after dodging the dd torps, i had to push in constantly and fast to maintain the dd in my hydro range, while getting closer and closer to the island so less angle of guns and as the yamato died a min earlier, Monty and Mino were already targeting me. Lucky the silly moskva abandoned his position and went north where then Flambass killed him. The fact you guys occupied 6 of their ships was a great factor in my score at the game as there were less big guns targeting me on the flank so was able to kite them. WHen doing the mid rush correctly by experienced players it pays off, problem is i see way too may people try it and they have no idea how to so they just cause us to loose ships for nothing. Thanks @Flambass !

    • @dave smith I don’t wanna say you suck. I don’t think you do. I just think you should’ve had an easier time aiming at a dd in (of all things) a Smolensk

    • @ZeroDividesByYOU You may have missed the part where I said I was dodging shells from 2 BB’s, 2 cruisers, torps from the DD and CV

    • @dave smith Ah yes that certainly doesn’t help aiming.

    • @ZeroDividesByYOU It’s just dawned on me, I was grinding the RU cruiser line which ends with the Muskva 980m/s, it’s a small difference, but imho, it is noticeable…Just played a game in my Smol, had no issues killing a Fletcher, but had issues with hitting a Zao…..I don’t know, I really don’t, there are times I think WG just loves to mess with us…BTW, nice having a conversation rather than a “you are an idiot” back and forth.

    • @dave smith yeah it was. Wows is definitely a hard game

  8. Once again I start my day with the 3 stooges

  9. Same thing happened to me! I had 4 kills in my Sinop, about to delete the enemy carrier for the kraken, then we won on points 😭

  10. ”you want trouble? …make it double ‘*cough*’ …tripple….we are team speciul”

  11. The ammount of games i have seen thrown on this map because people got “inspired” by you guys and tried to do what you can (and they can´t) is too damn high.

  12. My friend and I have a deadpool on this kind of matches.
    He’s an optimist, he sais Monkey will die after the 10 minutes mark.
    I’m a realist, I win most of the time…

  13. Destroyer Inazuma

    I once went middle in an Omaha while three low hp allied ships we coming from the right. Three enemy ships were halfway to our cap (flank collapsed). I diverted the attention of the last two – a healthy Myoko and a dd. I killed dd and I threw myself at Myoko to prevent it from firing at the boyz. Went down swinging, almost killing it. My last three allies focused it down and soon our last three ships started capping before their last three ships. Epic win.

  14. This was on stream a while back, I was having bad deja vu until I remembered.

  15. When subs come and the middle becomes their hunting ground 😈

  16. Specuul! o/ That’s the right attitude! You made my day a little bit better. Thank you, Flambino! :^)

  17. This my favorite map when he bullies his way up the middle

  18. Always so excited when a speshul tactics video shows up haha

  19. Wow. WG knew it was you and gave you an amazing spawn for suicide alley lol

  20. god you don’t even have to read the video title 2 seconds in you already know what is gonna happen lol

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