World of Warships – Triple Trouble

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In which TCFreer his gang reprobates raise hell on high seas in tier 6 Battleships.

Don’t forget your chance to win a USS Georgia, Jean Bart, Friesland or (if you’re really unlucky) Krasny Krym:

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Last time I was this early the government hadntput me on lockdown

    • @Nightdare Where the hell did you get your numbers? They’re either flat out wrong or old. The coronavirus pasted 10,000 deaths a few days ago.

      You’re also forgetting that those 200k are just people who have severe cases that caused them to be hospitalized. That 200k is not the amount of people that actually catch it as the lowest estimates of people who catch the flu are in the millions in the US alone.

    • @Supreme Caffeine

      FFS I was quoting US stats, I mentioned that in the first post clearly

      Now, let’s repeat and hope you can grasp reality for a moment:

      36 mil estimated,

      220,000 cases reported
      22000 deaths = 10%

      No current estimate

      55,000 cases reported
      780 deaths = 1.4%

      So yes on the ESTIMATE, the deathtoll of flu would be 0.6%
      but we have no ESTIMATE on Corona
      So we look at the numbers we have hard data for, which are the CONFIRMED cases!

      AND to add: Those 55000 people in the US currently with corona are also NOT EVERYONE INFECTED

      that’s a FUCKTON MORE!

      So STOP projecting the mortality rate of flu on the *estimate* and for corona on *confirmed* cases, you are doing nothing more than twisting facts

    • @Nightdare Ah, now i get where you’re getting your overblown Flu mortality rate from.
      You’re not using the reported cases, you’re using the cases that were serious enough to require hospitalization.

      You’re numbers are also over 100k off according to the cdc. 390k people have been hospitalized due to the flu and at least 23k have died.
      That’s a mortality rate of 0.58

      Since to love these numbers so much, i would have thought you would at least had them right.

    • @Supreme Caffeine

      *Contrary to your opinion, I’m comparing apples to apples*

      As is, for example in NYC, only about 16% of the reported cases are hospitalized

      That the number has risen with 150000 within a week can simply be explained with people coming in in droves with ‘symptoms’ of having _corona_
      and are *diagnosed* with flu
      Not because they needed hospitalization, but because they’ve been spooked
      These people normally would have stayed in bed and had become part of the “estimate”, but now, they are added to the numbers

    • @Nightdare My ‘opinion’ comes directly from the cdc, and they state that this flu season is not out of the ordinary compared to the recent past. That’s including the increase nukber of people coming in believing they have corona.

      And the cdc specifically states that those 390k have all been hospitalized.

  2. on lock down, only thing keeping me sane is jingles, we are all doomed

    • agree to that

    • My grandparents survived the Great Depression, fought and won World War II. My parents lived through the Cold War, and the daily threat of Nuclear annihilation. The current generations are being asked to stay home, sit on the sofa, watch t.v. and play video games. I think we’ll be okay.

    • Lawrence O'Donnell

      Richard M what do you mean we’ll be ok? All the bandwidth we have paid a premium in advance for, is now,going to be choked ‘cos the bstds hadn’t planned on giving everyone a full service when we paid……

    • @Richard M ok boomer

    • This is why I made sure to have things like The Witcher 3 installed as soon as this loomed on the horizon. I’ been menaing to eventually get aroun to its New Game+

  3. Good morning Jingles! How are you feeling today, (this question is for anyone really)
    I was curious about what happened to uncharted IV, likely i was listening to it in the background & never realized what actually was going to happen to it.

  4. Since we’re all in the salt mines, we are quarantined ourselves.
    Never thought I’d be estatic about working for an dictatorial Gnome overlord.

  5. I was so glad when Warspite got buffed. I always did well with it but it’s so much more manageable now

  6. That giveaway has convinced me that Jingles is pure evil.

  7. I’m finding hard to tell the difference between lock down and my normal way of life 😂😂😂

  8. Love the german stereotypes. xD
    But seriously Jingles, English and Germans are cousins , we should have fun slapping frenchman together. ^^

  9. Thanks Boss! Glad you enjoyed and thank you everyone! Lots of fun to mooch about on this

    • Lars van warendorp

      Well played all 3 of you!! BOBS rule…. Usually as reefs 😂 nagga out o7

    • Hehe, great all round guy is TC and lovely group of people the Bobs. Ironically I recently had a very similar game with two of the bobs, we got 9 kills between us!

  10. German humor, It’s no laughing matter.

  11. Christian Schinner

    Oh and just to be clear, we germans do have humour. But the last time we were trying to have a little fun, and share it with the french, the british people couldn´t take the joke 😀 😀 😀

    • @Evilmike42 we do courtesy spanking. Spanked the Germans on behalf of the Brits *and* the French.

    • Imjusttoo Dissgusted

      were not the dutch big slave traders? though certainly not the only ones. no insult intended by the way.

    • Sigh. Both times the Germans violated international treaties and marched through Belgium without so much as a declaration of war, terms or demands. No wonder the British got upset.

    • @Glen McGillivray they got upset sure, but they didn’t bother doing much about it until it got way out of hand.

    • Germans have great humor. You see, humor is all about the subversion of expectations. The Germans went through the Ardens, but the French and British didn’t get the joke.

  12. Spectacular_Insanity

    Ha! The jokes on you! I already have the Krasny Krym from… a… supercontainer… **cries**

  13. “It’s next to impossible when you’ve got three battleships shooting at you.”
    Four, Jingles. The Oktober Revolutsya is following them.

    …Oh, what? You gonna bring out the shotgun sound for this? You that thin-skinned, old man?

  14. It really pains me to hear Jingels pronounce “Västerås”

  15. “Krispy Kreme” is fun until it’s not… I do like her though, wouldn’t sneeze at one. Jean Bart is on my list for future acquisitions.

  16. The Mighty Jingles

    Regarding the giveaway, I think the best thing to do is offer a choice of the three ships to the first three winners. That way they can choose something they don’t already have. Fourth place is stuck with the Krispy Kreme, though!

  17. >*goes to description*
    >”Or if you’re really unlucky”
    >The only ship of the bunch I don’t already have

    Jokes on you Jingles, GIB DAT KRASNY YO

  18. “There is no question when the old lady lifts her skirts she can run.” – Admiral Cunningham

  19. Everyone: I’m stuck at home. Guess I’m playing extra video games.
    My boss: Could you work extra hours this week?

    Ah, the joys of being “essential.”

  20. Hey Jingles, Stalin was quoting Lenin when he said that. However, it’s Stalin; there’s no doubt in my mind that he would be tickled pink to know that so many attribute that quote to him.

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