World of Warships – Trolling

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Sometimes I’m in a mood for…different approach. Yes, let’s call it that.

Doing the same thing over and over every day can get a bit stale so to spice things up here and there we use different tactics for the same problem.

I believe some ppl call this trolling.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. About time to sleep….aaaaaaaaaaannd Flambass drops a vid

  2. 2am in Utah and i’m watchin’

  3. nice torp that shima 🙂

  4. That’s how I prefer to play the Daring, rove about causing mayhem. Capping is problematic with the detection so I tend not to if the team can get away with it.

  5. The prompts you get during the stream of someone following or whatever are wayyyy too loud. I wish flem could lower their volume. All I can do on this end is lower my volume and then it’s difficult hearing flem and the ingame sounds. It’s the 21st Century – there’s got to be away for you to record your stream without the stream prompts blowing everything else out.

    • @Will Kelly Not sure what’s funny about a super loud set of chimes but okay.

    • @Jerry K. I’m talking about the robot messages he gets. I think I misunderstood.

    • The voice bot is better with the voice he’s using now but it’s still on the loud side, can live with it. None as bad as the scream/explosion followed by a voice bot – worst production aspect g about his tacking his stream to youtube. Gameplay is good to watch but when the sound is awkward like it is now, it’s not that great.

    • @Jerry K. cry baby

    • @kR1styan1 Yeah, just accept the status quo of crappy sound instead of constructive criticism. We’ll just pretend it isn’t what it is lest we be called names. Blow it out your ass and blow me.

  6. Destroyer Inazuma

    The Darling delivers!

  7. godamn coffin? 😀

  8. Loved the trolling…keep it up…more than your 2 bro vids…Game was over as soon as the shima was gone..Hope you feeling better bro

  9. 0:10 keep at it, at level 35 it becomes Wheezing…

    Damn I’m getting old if that’s the first reference I can think of.


  11. 3:16

    “I admit that was a bit *evil*.”

    In my words, its a bit *_GENIUS_* i’d say

    Also, i just realized that at one point Flambass used Azur Lane captain voice?
    Too Annoying (dont flame me AL fans)
    Use High School Fleet, or Ars Nova captain voice instead

    *Trying to do **_SPESHUL STRATS_** down Two Brother with Captain like ARP Iona or HSF Graf Spee sounds good to **–me–** US*

  12. Flambass: *open water firing*
    No one cares lol

  13. I thought we agreed you weren’t going seal clubbing again

  14. 6.35 gotta love that TBF tune 😉
    but it’s not really the end of the world 😀
    Although, I’d agree, there’s no helping that Yama 🙂

  15. Feasting on the Yamato wasn’t enough? You just had to feast on the Ohio as well Flambass? You. Are. Evil.

  16. It’s NEVER evil to torp a smoke screen. They are literally torp magnets. You made the right decision

  17. 2:50 tricky little mother trucker! lol

  18. Seal clubbing @ tier X i swear to god thats what i saw sir!

  19. Vulture_Grey: WOW

    Uh, the Daring gameplay is sick, yup, my new favorite DD to watch you play, sorry Gearing.

  20. That wasn’t “evil” it was well played. Big head play.

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