World of Warships- Tromp First Impressions: All Gimmick & No Bite?

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the new TX Premium Dutch Destroyer Tromp! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
2:50 Admiral Of The North Early Access Event
3:43 Economic Bonuses
4:41 Ship Camo
5:03 Ship Armor
5:25 Ship Stats
9:44 Ship Consumables
10:13 Commander & Module Build
14:18 Gameplay Review


  1. Also what makes her unique is that she is so far the only Dutch ship in game that has torps

  2. Interesting looking at your review vs the review from PQ. It looks like this goes from a 7/10 to an 8-9/10 if you are good with the airstrike aiming. Also note that you could have taken the airstrike module, which is a substantial buff to the one unique ability of the ship. Overall, it seems like you built and played it as a gunboat, where I think it truly is a unique enough ship to have a totally distinct playstyle. It will be interesting to see if your prediction about not being in competitive holds out as well – I think it looks like it has a huge role if you are consistently good at leading those strikes.

    • Yeah it feels like a meme ship, something like yolo emilio

    • I had the same feeling watching other YouTubers. Some of them have massive fun with the airstrikes. One french guy was really good at aiming with it and was using it all the time in addition of torps. He was saying that your torps are your shepherd dogs to guide your ennemies before airstrike them… More an airstrike boat than a gunboat due to the lack of heal, Armor, speed, saturation…

  3. As I understand it, IF you buy it now you get a 12 point Capt., Just something to be aware of.

  4. Ships looks intereting, probably going to get it for coal when its available

  5. I used XP & Dubs to get it – My commander is 19 – I did 90K my first game – I really enjoyed playing it – it felt like my Smaland with “airstrikes” its a great fire starter – it is slow in speed I coordinated with others and it worked well – Airstikes are much easier with 10 second lead – I like it – a good “interesting DD” thanks for the review!

  6. Liar. You’re a liar and you know it. Tromp is the best ship, it has all the best shells. No other ship has better shells, believe me. It has the best shells and the best speed, you wouldn’t believe it. they told me “It’s impossible, it’s too good!” But it is, folks, it is, and you’ll get tired of winning. We’re gonna do so much winning, believe me, you’re gonna get tired of it. You’re gonna say “please, Wargaming, it’s too much! We’re winning so much with Tromp we can’t take it anymore!” But you’re gonna keep winning and it’s gonna be awesome, and we’re gonna build a great torpedo wall, a beautiful wall, with the best torpedoes, and we’re gonna make War Thunder pay for it! And we need the wall, because the enemy team isn’t sending us their best. They’re kill stealers, they’re trolls and some, I believe, may be good players. But we can’t take them. It’s a scam, folks. So we’ll build a torpedo wall, the greatest torpedo wall ever.

  7. Tromp is a Joke. I played all day yesterday and seen all these whales lose within the first 3 minutes of the match. The bomblets do very little damage. the only thing that makes her dangerous is the torps as they hit hard when they hit successfully. however those torps are slow. I Dev struck a Tromp with HE from an Alaska and I literally spit out my coffee and laughed so hard.

  8. So we got carrier with planes, battleships with plane, cruiser with plane and now dd’s with plane…. submarines with planes next? At that point it’s going to become a World of Pain

  9. Having played it for a couple of days now, I think the guns are a trap. Conceal is really good. Torps are actually really strong, with good reload (if very few) and airstrike can be brutal. I therefore actually find it most fun to play the ship from stealth and rely on torps and airstrikes to effectviely be throwing out damage that doesn’t get me spotted whilst leveraging the concealment. With how many ships like to island camp these days, those airstrikes, delivered from stealth, can be really rewarding. Sure, fire the guns when you can get away with it, but trying to play like a Kleber or Khaba just feels like you’re playing a bad gunboat, rather than something a little more interesting.


    Makes me wish the Yubari would become a destroyer in the game instead at higher tier since it has the speed and torpedos and also 140 mm guns to make it unique than other IJN DDs.

  11. Great that you give attention to a dutch navy ship. My grandfather served on many navy ships before WW2. I am dutch. Thank you for uploading.

  12. They have valued the Tromp at over 38,000 dubs, thats more expensive than the Napoli B, in fact it is the most expensive ship for dubs in the entire game. I suspect the discount for free XP is a con, either that or this ship is going to available for close to 400,000 coal.

  13. Tromp will destroy current capture fight, if you going in division with long range radar or stealth radar, you can punch him out easily from the capture, ignoring if where is behind the rock or mountain

  14. Cant wait for her sister ship to be part of the tech tree . still unfinished at the day of the invasion finished in england with alternate guns as the fire control system was not yet installed for her Bofor guns. so refitted with 10 104 mm dual purpose destroyer guns in twin turrets.

    The Callenburgh class will be interesting ships as well as one was salvaged by the germans and used as ZH1 and the other isaac sweers still needing firecontroll systems refited her 5 bofor 120 mm guns for 6 104 mm dualpuropose guns with 2×4 torpedo tubes.

  15. I wish Modstation was more like Aslains in regards to being able to get up close to the ship details. I used to think that WG wanted us to stay back a bit due to resolution, but that is not the case. The other cool thing is being able to zoom out and look at the ENTIRE PORT instead of just where the ship is anchored.

  16. Amazing Dutch CL makes it all the way to tier ten. A tier 4-5 ship is what it is. Oh well that’s world of warships.

  17. These things were so annoying to run into while in testing. The coming weeks will be very trying, can you imagine running into a div of these? Well we probably won’t have to, I’m sure some of our favorite YT will but just imagine you’re a BB and all of a sudden you have 216 bombs being dropped on you and after your DC runs out you get another 216 dropped on you.

  18. PickelJars ForHillary

    Still faster than Forrest Sherman.
    Nothing like a DD that can be run over by some BB’s in game.

  19. I will take a solid ship over a meh one with gimmicks every time. In the end it comes down to the player and this is just another attempt by WGing to sell ships to whales.

  20. Her only major issues are her anemic depth charges and her anemic anti-air. It is unfortunate because if she had good depth charges, you could run the slot 4 airstrike module and improve them even further to get rid of submarines; and if she had good anti-air, she could fight against planes with her defensive anti-air fire consumable. Her special commander is also especially bad on destroyers because they lack one of his enhanced skills. This skill would be extremely powerful on Tromp, especially if it had better anti-air as I covered.

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