World of Warships – Trust Your Instincts

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Sometimes you just need to trust your instincts even when common sense is yelling at you to get the hell out of there. And sometimes, your instincts tell dirty great big fat lies.

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  1. Bugger, curses to the slow internet connection! I missed by ONE

  2. Anybody else always pause the video at the beginning to check if they were in the game?

  3. Uploaded 3 minutes ago and already 258 views, damn. Jingles, when’d you get so popular?

  4. History Gaming Verified

    Trust your instincts the title says. I did. I felt something wasn’t right, opened up Youtube and there it was, a new Jingles video and I was having breakfast without it! So sorry, great gnome overlord, watching it now while eating before I head back down to the salt mines, I swear!

  5. I dont know what language that is, but Overwinning sounds pretty accurate for such a game ! Well done to that Lightning

  6. I was fully expecting the title to be a reference to StarFox 64.

  7. “Trust your instincts. The salt will be with you, always” – Master Jingles, 2019

  8. About to go to bed then…a wild jingles has appeared

  9. Yamato using the assured detection module rather than the concealment module. Wow. T10 memes there.

    • lets be honest here .. even with the concealment mod Yamato can be seen from outer space . .so why not use the Detection mod to get a earlier view of the torps heading your way . cause it takes an age to turn a Yamato .
      What are the Choices ? I don’t have a Yamato yet . .

    • @Grease Monkey Ask yourself this. Why do all the high win rate players and experienced players that get the best results. Not use the assured detection module? Concealment is king. A full concealment build Yamato is around 14km. That’s not awful for a BB, especially one as big as Yamato.

      The assured detection module does not give enough of a bonus to avoid a torp spread. Yamato is too slow, too sluggish to make use of the tiny bonus you get. It has so few real uses. About the most likely is charging smoke so you spot automatically at 3km rather than 2km. Hint, if you’re charging smoke in a BB, you are doing it wrong.

      It’s the choice for idiots.

      If you built a full build based on trying to avoid torps, took the module and the captain skill. Put on the increased rudder and still it would rarely make a difference. Battleship players avoid torpedoes through experience, using the map. Knowing the capabilities of the ships they face. Being a bit unpredictable, changing course and speed. Turning bow in to likely threat angles and protecting their sides.

      Hoping to get enough warning through skills and modules just does not compensate for that, nor works as well. Concealment works all the time. It’s useful all the time, other than when you re spotted. The Yamato is a mid/long range focused ship. That it where it is strong. Play it like that and for the first half of the game you should be able to fire and then go dark.

      Even German battleships with hydro active, barely get the time to react to torpedoes and generally so only if they are already at a good speed and presenting a narrow profile already.

    • EdestUK (the Yamato player) has hidden their stats. What do you think that means?

  10. I believe in the end, he was just showing off, broadcasting his whereabouts. Superbly played by the Lightning, willing his team to victory against all odds.

  11. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    did anyone else notice the very pixelated scene for Jingle’s video at 15:17? Or is it just me and my crap ass laptop?

    Update: It’s my damn laptop.

  12. Yay love jingles plays arcade warship sim.

  13. 6:19 “Me, I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly…stupid.”

    – Jack Sparrow, legendary cruiser captain

  14. Glue sniffing! Jingles you are showing your age now! ???

  15. i like the git gud anime chibi. the world needs more of them

  16. *Loads up video and pauses at the loading screen*
    “Alright let me just makes sure im not in this video………Okay thank god”
    *Resumes video for Jingles goodness*

  17. *Remember back a couple of years when in WoWs how Ship Tiers basically didn’t matter? good times…* >_>

  18. Coo! ‘Unsubscribed’ again .. just as well as I check.

  19. Seeing a T8 being successful in T10 match always makes you believe in the superior intellect of man! Or actually, maybe not!?

  20. Well Jingles, that D-Cap is very easy to get in as a dd even if there is radar. And he had the support of a radar cruiser and a mino. Doesnt get any better 😛

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