World of Warships – Truth or Fiction?

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If there’s one thing that never fails to amuse me in online gaming in general and World of Warships in particular it’s how fragile a grip on reality a large number of the playerbase seem to have…

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  1. Jingles: calls Alaska a battlecruiser
    Me: uh oh

  2. Oh JINGLES, you”ve done it again.

  3. Constantin Laslau

    Breakfast and jingles. Perfect combo.

  4. Akatsuki opening the video at 0:34 with a sonorous warcry

  5. Jingles! these early uploads! not interrupting my sleep schedule! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! I NEED SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT DAMNIT

  6. these complex and unique names that jingles can actually pronounce right are a grave insult to the Dave community!

  7. “Truth or Fiction?”

    Well, without the comma, my answer is a resounding “Yes”.

  8. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Refreshing the Youtube feed in search of something interesting. Ol’ mate pops up like an oasis in the desert of Co-vid depression.

  9. That pommon can be described as “having ones head so far up ones own ass they cant find said ass” Like how OBLIVIOUS CAN YOU BE!

    “I reject your reality and substitute my own”

  10. Only people who doesn’t know everything, themselve think they know everything.

    *Take note, Pommemn.* 😉

  11. Warhamster Gaming

    This guy’s zooming in and out is making me dizzy. I know changing zoom lengths is a unicum thing to do, but this guy seems to be doing it way more than other players I watch on Youtube or Twitch.

  12. Ironic that only cruisers(minus the Nelson) were last alive on the Tears of the Cruisers map. Love it.

  13. Chasing a HE spamming kiting cruiser in a battleship that does not overmatch it. Great idea

  14. It’s not everyday I get to see a bottom tier BB kickin’ some ass like that Nelson and also the Ibuki being that supportive for the Alaska.
    If I have to say it simply, this game was as good as a cup of tea on high seas

  15. Anyone who spams the requesting support button that much doesn’t know what they are doing

    • I consider movement in this game to be too slow, and damage/kills to happen too fast for the ‘Requesting Support’ button to even be an intelligent button to use. The people who spam it are often in over their head, and will be dead long before anyone who could do anything about it can so much as make a turn. So in general, when I hear ‘Requesting Support!’ I’m muttering: “Idiot, you’re already dead.”

  16. Have you read the “Rich dad, poor dad”? The writer Mr, Robert Kiyosaki said in one of the passages that most people often blame everything else but them selves and that leads to be blinded to the fact that the problem lays within the way of their thinking. He also added that it is a lot easier to change one’s self than changing the people around you; I know, the book talks about getting rich but this passage in particular applies to people in general. It is not only a problem with gaming, Jingles.

    • Roderick Voordouw

      I never thought I would learn profound wisdom in the Youtube comment section. Thanks for proving me wrong 😉

  17. Tenuous grasp of reality seems to be quite a general thing these days.

  18. I really like it when people say they’re gonna report me in chat because that makes it easy to return the favour.

  19. As a captain who has quite a bit of experience being over-aggressive in a Pommern… yeah, that Pommern captain messed up, and didn’t want to own up to it. Chasing a cruiser that’s faster than you and you don’t overmatch into open waters when you *know* there are destroyers out there is a bad plan, he should’ve turned South alongside Sir Sinksalot.

  20. “It’s an endemic problem that people just refuse to accept the slightest possibility that they might have had something to do with the reason why they failed.”

    Its called “Egocentric Bias”. Brains are wired to associate themselves with positive events and take credit for something they had nothing to do with. If your team wins then its “MY team won!”. If your team looses then the brain will try to distance itself from the failure and it becomes “THEY played badly!”.

    Try watching this. It’s an interesting video that goes over why stupid people think they are smart:

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