World of Warships – Try Hard 10 – Dirty, Sweaty Tryhard

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Who’s the dirtiest, sweatiest Tryhard on Twitch? Usually not this guy!

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  1. TheKingOfNarwhal

    I actually find it impressive that I haven’t been in a single replay you’ve ever posted on either team considering I’ve watched you for so many years. Very elusive

  2. When you said he will have something dirty for later, I kind of assumed it was Yamamoto. Probably the best captain in the game for players who can sink so many ships.

  3. Cheers boss 😁, I do sometimes like to just have some fun and stack the deck in my favour. Hope everyone liked the game, and had a laugh

    • Hey, I had more fun than usual watching this one. There’s just something satisfying about seeing a mid-tier destroyer owning the enemy team and there is no better, more entertaining way to accomplish that than those sisters. I wish I could have gotten one.

    • Seal clubbing is good filthy fun.

    • @Jaqui Greenlees Yes, dear, ACTUAL seal clubbing is disgustingly vile.

    • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.”

    • Michael D. Young

      I just went online and ordered myself a brand new custom hakapik ⛏⚒ and while there are no seals 🦭 in the great state of New Jersey 🇺🇲 I can think of a number of regular folk who could use a clubbing…

  4. I’ve never seen a Fujin played so well. And Iso-Krazy and Minekaze and Kamikaze are glorious ships.

  5. Mihály Bálint

    Jingles: “Hes a dirty sweaty tryhard” Me: “I bet its the captain”
    Shells have red tracer Me:”I bet hes going to get Kraken and heal”
    TC:*gets Kraken. Me: “yep….”

  6. jason plumridge

    Got my Fujin for free. Just appeared in my ships list one day, apparently I won it somehow never paid for a WOW ship. Paint scheme always gets comments when I play it.

  7. Jessica Daniels

    Glad to see I am not the only Dirty Filthy Scrublord out there, will be keeping quiet about my nefarious deeds in the Kamikaze R……pure filth!

  8. Tips : If you see a Kamikaze on enemy team, and you are spotted.
    A. Turn away.
    B. Load HE
    3. see your Priority Target (if it became 1 then 0) WASD hax and change speed, every 5 or so second.

  9. “is that new york going to alter its course and speed?”
    …It’s a new york, They would lose a “barrel race” to a glacier.

  10. Out of all of the versions of this ship, the Fujin irritates me the most because it’s one of the most Chinese-sounding Japanese names in the game. At least once I’ve mistaken one for a pan-Asian destroyer, charged its smoke in a gunboat DD expecting deep-water torpedoes, and eaten a Type 92 or three.

    • László Németh

      yea, it can be confused with Fushun if you don’t read its name carefully and don’t have an opportunity to see its concealment range / non-dw torps

  11. 4:11 The enemy Nürnberg in chat: “This ship has shait armor” – No dude, you’re wrong. This ship has NO armor xD

  12. Gotta admit, that the game looks nice, and I’m inclined to try and play it. However, I’ve played World of Tanks for several years, and I know of WG’s shitty methods – like nerfing a ship and immediately introducing the over powered version as a premium. I’m just so done with that type of shitty business. It’s WG, not the game itself that is keeping me from playing it.

    • spot on, but do not forget Russian bias ^^

    • Especially now that WG is trying to shoehorn subs into the game. Eveybody is a beta tester right now. The sub in this match was not very good, as it seems the rest of his team.

  13. The first Kamikaze was one of the first Grind ships and it was a “bad” (less AA) version of the Minekaze and then they nerfed the Minekaze after. Take Note the Sub has more HP then the DD we are following and he has extra HP form the captian ……

  14. Jingles, I always appreciate your charitable view of the gamers that are featured each week! Your perspective is unique!

  15. Nice to watch a good game, just sad I can’t play any more – the new ‘warning for unsporting conduct’ engine is much more sensitive to ‘inactivity’… and the game keeps crashing on me… and I don’t like being blamed for this by their Tech support…

  16. Let’s be clear. The guns on this thing hit like a damn truck….. Once every 30 seconds or so. They don’t fire fast, but they do deal a lot of damage to dds.

  17. Actually I think the kamikaze R was first. I remember I earned mine, the minekaze wasn’t nerfed yet. And you couldn’t buy it , you need to do a mission. But it was a long time ago.

  18. Originally the tier V Minekaze had a 10 kilometer range. It was outrageously funny to randomly send them far off to an assumed traffic area and getting hits long after sending a second set elsewhere.

  19. 0:18 “…in a Tier 5 battle…”
    meanwhile 6 out of 12 ships are Tier 6 🤣

  20. This video made me reconsider coming back to the game. I don’t understand why wargaming locks the good ships behind a paywall.

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