World of Warships – Try Hard 11: Try Harderest

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The first casualty of the Try Hard videos is the English language.

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  1. Jingles, I want you to know that I have watched your videos since I was 14ish and that they shaped my gaming career. I remember watching your early WOWs videos to learn more about the game and how to play it, and now I simply watch it for fun. You are easily my favorite youtuber and I wish you could post more often. Now back to the salt mines for me.

  2. Always a blessing to have a new video coming out from jingles… Keeps me entertained at work, cheers!

  3. Every Asashio has at least one torpedo that will affect any target.

  4. Nice, getting up, grabbing a coffee and a new Jingles video is here. That’s how to start a good day.

  5. What sorcery is this? Both teams professing to have fun in a game of WoWs? Next thing you’ll tell me is, that pigs can fly….. Wait, I hear a flapping sound outside, I’m gonna check it out.

    Well, what do you know, pigs do, in fact fly.

  6. So today’s menu was a comprehensively onesided asskicking as an appetizer and wholesome funny stupid as the main course.
    I do believe that Jingles has never left us unentertained with his WoT and WoWS videos 😛

  7. You know whats better than a meme build? A meme build that wins.

  8. I really expected them to overwhelm the BB and them ram all the rest. Have 1 ship left, win.

  9. “If it’s stupid but it works, it’s still stupid, you just got lucky” THANK YOU Jingles. Been saying that for ages :p
    Also, hey, they won when they killed the battleship XD

  10. I’ve lost quite a few games like this. Getting matched with teammates like these is very fun indeed

  11. Thank you Jingles. Small post, big meaning. Keep doing what you do man. You help people in ways you will never understand.

  12. This reminds me back in the days when I was still playing WOT. If someone said pick the tank of your choosing I was always going with some KV tank and often we ended up with KV4’s, sometimes even a KV5 or two.
    Yeah that was fun despite not being the best tank for the job

  13. Just want to say thanks for the explanations of simple mechanics that you give from time to time, like the points in this video. Helps me as someone who doesn’t play to keep up!

  14. which happens to be located in the passage on two brothers lol happy mining

  15. Thanks Jingles, I’m surprised to see this one featured so quickly, let alone featured at all!

  16. Cool that you became a player when the game was just starting to test subs!! I don’t know weather to be happy or horrified that you can have fun playing such an a**hole rigged game! I say this because, it’s been about 3 years since I last played WoWS. I didn’t find subs fun in any level because I was always the first to die to them in almost every battle! It was like adding the BDR in WoT!!!!

  17. 3:56
    Imagine losing two super-destroyers to a Tier 9 destroyer in one battle. To be fair, they might have just unlocked them after grinding out the Japanese destroyer tech trees.

  18. Awesome stuff as always Jingles. Also want to thank you for your recommendation of James D. Hornfischer on Audible. Just listened to the entirety of The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors in under 3 days, it had me enthralled from beginning to end. Can’t wait to get more of them.

  19. A concerned citizen


  20. That’s because it’s clan battels and not ranked

  21. Could never happen in ranked, but it doesn’t not make it fun to see

  22. What really got me was the good sportsmanship and great humor between the two teams in clan battle. So refreshing to see that amidst the all too common toxicity in online gaming.

  23. @Ser Breadboard
    Oh, derp. Yes, that would explain that then xD

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