World of Warships: Try Hard 3 – Try Hard With a Vengeance

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He’s back, and he’s not rushing the middle on Two Brothers. I don’t know if I should be relieved or disappointed…

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  1. Oh wow, youtube subs notifications actually worked in a timely manner!

  2. Of course. As long as Flambass is in a replay, it’s always gonna be a wild ride.

  3. Come on Jingles, I need sleep!

    Fine, I’ll watch it.

  4. You prob just make a flambass series or something this could be part 20

  5. And now for flambass’s second channel…

  6. I probably lost because I went 9 line with a BB ?
    I mean there is a big fat NO BB sign right there….right?
    They should probably add a sign next to it “enter with vengeance”

    2 absolutely amazing JB games in a row with equally crazy moments
    Glad you liked it Jingles 😉

    • flambass it was ur fault that u lost. u should of tried harder 😉

    • looking at 8:00 on the minimap explains why and is why i hate battleship players so extremely hard over the past few months…

      it doesn’t matter how good one particular player is, 9/10 times the other battleships on your own team will definitely find a way to fuck up everything imaginable.
      yes, i hate nothing more than a battleship going 9/10 line on north and this video is the prime example why i hate it: battleship going there = atleast 75% of the battleships on your team will follow you and because of that nobody has any support on any other part of the map while one battleship is useful, all the other BBs don’t and this results in a shitshow were cruisers just get picked up upon and die and in my eyesight the only one i can think of to blame are the battleship players.
      what i even hate about this kind of situation the most is that it doesn’t even matter WHO does it, if its a famous BB player, who knows what hes doing (like in this video) or just a random player, the results in this kind of situations are pretty much always the same, its impossible to win from the beginning on because 0 map control and 0 chances to get any map control back ever OR the ONLY REASON this kind of battles turns into a victory is because of a single battleship player, who knows what hes doing and cruisers try their absolute hardest to survive just for the late game (and no, there is still no difference if the one battleship player is famous or not, he just has to know what he’s doing)

      it’s impossible to blame flambass and i don’t blame him for anything, he knows what he is doing so obviously, just the fact that a battleship goes there always ends up that pretty much all other BBs follows the one, who leads into the 9/10 line, if the leading BB is good or has no idea whatsoever doesn’t matter.
      i’m nowhere near as the worlds best battleship player myself, though for some reason pretty much 90% of the time i stay with my BB between A and B (somewhere around that area) the enemy team doesn’t get to flank around A, regardless of what my other BBs are doing. when i began to notice that over a year ago i pretty much follow a script and always do the same, it doesn’t matter what happens, if you have to defend, if you just have to stay or you need to push around A, simply for beeing in that position changed so many outcomes on north for me.
      i made this rule for my own over a year ago, even before that there were only one or two times i went to the 9/10 line but i used any other position 99 times, after i made my own rule there are literally one 2 positions i go with a BB on north: go wide around A or stay between A and B, depends what tier and type of battleship + the positioning of the reast of my teams BBs…
      i don’t have any stats about WR on particular maps but even as a solo player my WR on north with a BB must be pretty high, not to mention division play…

    • Need some salve for that back pain?

    • yup. ability to farm damage irrelevant. you took a top tier ship out of the match and thats what lost it.

      in case someone asks why i hate battleship players…
      and yes, i got 1300 base xp and was first of my team for some reason…

  7. Next update, they are adding Cargo Ships. This will help a single player carry their whole team.

  8. jingles the ibuki has 25 MM bow plating its only the german and american heavy cruisers that have 27Mm plating so the jean bart can over match it…….

  9. As soon as I saw “Try Hard” I knew this was gonna feature Flambass.

  10. i saw it live he’s reaction was priceless….gj again Jingles…..TYVM

  11. That ballsy flambass aagression is why he is way more entertaining than flamuu’s laid back efficiency. Lots to learn from both, but flamby is just too awesome

  12. Being the last man standing with Commander Jingles on your ship: “It’s time to try harder… with a vengeance.”

  13. Jingles these jokes are revenge for “It’s going to the Old Man!” 😀 ?

  14. Bruce Willis just cringed. Not even the Great Flambino could save that game. D.

  15. The French tier 8 battleship “The Richiluuluu”, ah yes, good ship, good name

  16. Flambass doesn’t have to much to worry about. There will always be Another Day to Try Hard.
    Yes… I went there. .

  17. The team he was saddled with should have had a sub-title: “A Jim Henson Production.”

  18. Hilarious. I’m sure with a little more practice Flambass will be able to up his skill level, and carry harder next time. Lol

  19. This video looks familiar….either you have posted this game before, or I saw it on Flambass’ channel

  20. Perfect, a CC is not capable of promoting his own content and has to get another CC to promote it for him. Didn’t bother watching past the team lineup page.

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