World of Warships – Try Hard 5: Try Even Harder

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There’s a thin line between trying too hard and just being too good for your own good…

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  1. admiral butterscotch

    This pleases me.

  2. Day 18 or so of requesting that “Ship Happens” get added back into the intro.

  3. Morning Men, Starboard Ten, Round the Buoy and Back Again

  4. Isn’t the correct title: Try Hard 5: A good day to try hard?

    • Hey it’s Jingles what did you expect? 😛

    • no, Jingles was right to say ” Try Even Harder “

    • if you watched his other videos, it is always ” try-hard, then try harder, now, try even harder… 3rd level of trying hard… this guy’s first level was killing 3 on the flag, then taking the fight to them was the second one, then after fleeing he then baited them and got radared, that was the 3rd level

  5. Try Hard 6: You’re Not Even Trying

  6. DD can actually bow/stern on when ambush by Brit CL.

  7. “they have all four caps.” oh jingles, never change

  8. The Minotaur can really dance when you want it to…..

  9. To quote Monty Python, “you lucky bastard!”

    • He was indeed quite lucky multiple times this game. He could have been deleted 3 times over.

    • and if you look at the last incomeing volly the fucking bounces a shot off the bow and takes 0 damge that Would of killed him as he was at that 23 hp at that moment

  10. 22 HP more than needed…

  11. Excellent player, far better than me in my premium battleships (of the Royal Navy).
    However, very poor use of smoke. Obviously, the end of the match was advanced bad use if smoke. But why not use a smokescreen when torpedoing the Weebsashi and not have to worry which way those 18.1″ guns are facing?

  12. that move at the end was so incredibly dumb that i think the enemy deserved the win more…after all they killed all this team.

  13. It would be hilarious if he died, running the mouth like that whole game. I’m pretty sure that would earn him 11 reports after match lol. Some people never learn.

  14. Players like this really make me realise just how bad I am

  15. Remember kids, the Mino totally isn’t overpowered.

  16. Not only did he survive with 23 hp remaining, but the killing blow was about 500m away from him when the time ran out.

  17. He deserves to lose for that BM. If you get cocky you should pay the price.

  18. “Shipmaster, they outnumber us 3 to 1”
    “Then it is an even fight. All cruisers, fire at will.”

  19. *frantically scribbling down notes*

    “So, to win like that, I have to be…” *checks* “…both really good and really lucky.”

  20. He was located though? He used his smoke once he was almost near the map border. Running away from smoke would not work because the enemy team would know it’s a bluff. He could try to hide behind an island.

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