World of Warships – Try hard 6 – A Good Day To Try Hard

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Remember folks, when you’re winning there’s very little good reason to try harder.

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  1. “What a day! What a lovely day!”

  2. Curses. I was gonna sleep Jingles!

  3. Jingles, I want to go to bed. But I do like this game. However, since it is not a Yamato, or a Kv2 or TOG 2, it can wait. lol.

  4. Darkness Nighthingale

    NA people : Trying to sleep.
    Jingles : Here now!

  5. Ladies and gentlemen we are too early for this…

  6. You not in the Navy now you allowed to sleep in Jingles

  7. Draxis Stormshadow

    A bad day is when you mistake the duct tape for toilet paper

  8. I’ve been aboard Daring class Destroyer HMAS Vampire which can be visited at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour in Sydney. I highly recommend a tour of the ship if you get the chance.

  9. Sleep I don’t need sleep. I run on jingle hours

  10. Screw You And Your Sensitivities

    Finally. A good Youtuber to watch while eating breakfast

  11. Morning Jingles. Give Akizuki an ear scratch for me.

  12. Sadly WG’s UI does some rounding, so here are some actual numbers for reference:

    Gearing best concealment (w/o UU) – 5.9km in UI, actually 5.94km
    Halland best concealment – 6km in UI, actually 5.99km
    Daring best concealment – 6km in UI, actually 5.97km
    Grozovoi best concealment – 6km in UI, actually 5.99km

    Similarly, Smaland actually has worse concealment (6.14km) than Z-52 and Hayate (both 6.08km) despite the UI labelling all 3 as having 6.1km

    TL;DR: Daring is actually around the better side of average in terms of concealment

    Edit: a couple other things about the Daring:
    Daring’s AP doesn’t have an improved fuse, the arming threshold is the standard calibre/6, so 18.8mm-ish.
    IFHE became worthless with the rework, you only get 23mm of HE pen, which doesn’t cross any significant threshold (HE rework was a huge buff for the ship though).

  13. I thought it was proven that IFHE wasn’t effective at all on the Daring guns? Doesn’t breach any armor thresholds. Yay/nay?

    • Yeah after the new HE pen changes, the HE pen on the daring went from 18 mm to 19 mm so IFHE is useless and maybe even detrimental.
      Even with IFHE, you only get up to 23 mm of HE pen so it doesn’t accomplish anything other that reduce fire chance by 50% and waste 4 captain points.

    • used to need it to pen other DD hulls iirc but not anymore

  14. david and martine albon

    Jingles: uploads
    Me (EU person): laughs at NA people losing sleep.
    Also me: gets sent a level deeper in the salt mines for making jokes about other workers

  15. Imagine fighting alongside the Bad Captain
    HMS Ark Royal: All ships, full starboard, half speed.
    HMS Cossack: Roger, full starboard, half speed aye.
    HMS Exeter: Roger, full starboard, half speed aye.
    HMS Daring: *_W r a a a a a a a g h_*

  16. 9:46 Holy shit I just noticed the “No battleships” sign in the background there in front of the battleship deathrow XDDDDDDDD
    I guess your past Jingles has finally paid off, and wargaming stepped in to prevent all the thrown games cuz of battleships just going down there to die from destroyers 😀

    • Oh my god no way lol

    • pretty sure this has been there for quite some time now.
      Unfortunately the BB captains that tend to go around there are the kind of person who can’t really be bothered with reading signs, so it might be a fruitless effort.

  17. aCtuAlLy jInGlEs, the HE pen changes increased the Daring’s default HE pen to 19 mm removing the need for IFHE.

    • He sure enjoys living in the past

    • Yeah ever since the IFHE rework, IFHE on Daring is useless and hurts you since your losing fire chance and wasting 4 points. Daring base pen is 19mm, IFHE brings it up too 23mm. Useless since you still can’t pen 25mm

  18. The last “King of the Sea” tournament made it clear that the game is “World of Radar” at that level … and IMO WG should allow for radar to be damaged/disabled by enemy fire … it requires “delicate installations high on the ship” to work (unlike Hydro).

  19. Well, I lost count how many times Jingles said “Bad Boy” instead of “Big Boy.” Even at 3 AM I’m still noticing this? Haha, I’m a professional guys! Don’t worry, I got this.

  20. “He’s not the messiah! He’s trying to get a qwacken!”

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