World of Warships – Try Hard 7 – Didn’t Try Hard Enough

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Number 7 in the series that doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon.

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Tier IV matches are underrated.

  2. Any more plans for Jurassic vids ? Loved the Mingles yesterday.

    Also any good YueYang replays ? My great uncle had a Allen Summer class named for him DD-698 Ault , she was built next to Yue 😘 so of course im a bit partial and do not have pc to play this

  3. Love to see some more low tier!

  4. i left a comment on the last world of warships video asking for the story behind low tier ships and the history of them. Thanks a lot for the start of this Video Jingles that was perfect and really interesting to learn 😀

  5. Btw that name is pronounced Kah-loin, it is the short form of the german Navy rank of “Kapitän Leutnant” the equivalent to Captain Lieutenant.
    Since his name is Kaleun_K i suspect it´s a reference to “Das Boot” a german warmovie about the Submarine U-96.
    I suspect his name might be Klaus as well, just like the Captain of the ship.

  6. I wish ORP Gryf was in correct Tier. Though it is a weird ship – so I understand that they couldn’t classify her.
    As for the game itself – it was fun, probably should have run from that mid cap a bit earlier, but well… hindsight.

  7. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    Omaha at the end was called DerBienenkönig, in english The Bee King.

    male bees only do 3 things in life: being babied, screwing around and dying…

    perfect name for a T5CL main 😉

  8. “He is in Omaha”
    Oh come on, Jingles – Omaha is a bloody good ship – just insanely squishy, and you make it sound like pre-buff Karlsruhe or pre-buff Furutaka.

  9. Hey Jingles, love your videos mate 👍 my wife also wanted to me to say while she has absolutely no idea what’s going on, she’s gets a good giggle out of your laugh while I watch your videos mate 👍

  10. I like watching the lower ranked ships slugging it out
    They might seem like fleas — but even fleas can bite 😎

  11. Can’t really complain about your teammates tho, when you’re playing at tier 4. Honeslty, at any tier, you just gotta accept that you’re gonna lose some games, no matter how hard you try!😊

  12. The history lesson at the beginning was cool, never knew the wakeful participated in the dunkirk evacuation

  13. Funny how ships like the OMAHA was build with the citadel on the outside 😀

  14. You can see the sheer panic in the Jianwei player at 3:39 where hes throwing depth charges into nothing

    A true classic, 500 Iq 7D chess move

  15. After that game, he should go lie down get a back massage and large glass of navy rum. well played sir

  16. I’ve had some excellent games with my IJN Yubari.
    It’s Tier 4 and is classed as a Cruiser in WoWs but the IJN role for it historically was ‘Destroyer Leader’.

    Although it has only 2 turrets with 2 guns on each of ’em they have sniper rifle-like accuracy and ye can have fun with the 6km torpedoes which seem to surprise a lot of people…
    Much fun has been had.

  17. 7:46 So, the WoWS Wiki does say that the Wakeful has a 5 sec reload…but the video clearly shows it’s more like 8 seconds. Anyone know what’s going on here?

  18. if he’d fired his torps at the myogi in the end instead of at the de ruyter he might have survived longer, but oh well, good game

  19. There was some new-to-the-game Omaha play in that battle.
    With no GC’s nor OR’s about, a competently played Omaha will boss a battle like that with its DPM and ability to pounce on any mistakes made by the DD’s.

  20. I really like these mid-tier battles; getting to see and hear about boats other than the top 5 tier X’s is great YouTube.

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