World of Warships – Try Hard 8: Try Harder

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Sometimes you just can’t seem to try hard enough…

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  1. The first ever Ian M Banks I read was Consider Phlebas. It got me hooked on his work and you should also read his other books under Ian Banks, like wasp factory. There are lots of exceptional authors, but highly recommended Ian M Banks.

    • Another SF author who makes you think is James P Hogan.

    • The Wasp Factory is a brilliant book, maybe best to read a few others first though. I saw a very well done dramatisation, but I rather doubt they will ever make a filmed version.

  2. Any of Iain M Banks Culture novels is great but “Use of Weapons” is my personal favorite. It is unfortunate that we will never get more of them.

  3. The lost fleet series is very good. His dad and grandad were in navy and uses alot of tactics in the space battles. Author was also up on pyhics so has time dilation at near FTL speeds in his combat, very good series

  4. It always says something when the top loser gets more xp than the top winner 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t consider Ian M Banks as hard Sci-Fi but he is a really good author.

  6. 09:00 “All 6 surviving enemy ships” Apparently the enemy switched sides?

  7. Guns and Grenache

    Thank you Jingles !! Love your commentaries especially the warships video replays 🙂

  8. No hard scifi recommend is complete without a very big nod to Larry Niven. Particularly “Protector” and “Ringworld,” not to mention the “Known Space” stories and novels. Niven with Jerry Pournelle wrote several brilliant novels, including “Footfall” and “The Mote in God’s Eye.” Highly recommend.

    • i mean sure, those are mostly good books, but how on earth are they “hard” sci-fi?

    • @Jerry K. i think you should re-read Ringworld again, if you claim that to be true 😉
      Cixin Liu is passing as hard-fi. Maybe even something like Lem’s “His master’s voice”. Niven not i’d reckon. But as always this is just an opinion and subjective. So prolly no sense in having this discussion and I should not have started it. We all have weak moments on the internet. peeze o/

  9. My record in the kami r is 6 kills 156k dmg 4k base xp. Got most kraken in this ship most double strikes. I think i got more than 5oo battles in her. Verry good t5 ship.

  10. Thank you for showing us this Kamikaze replay. Now I know its exact stats so I can counter them alot better.
    As a BB main these little buggers are the bain of my existence, I always drop everything I’m doing when a Kami gets spotted and shoot them up.

    • 5.4km Surface detect.
      47 s torpedo reload, 7.5 s main gun reload. 7 km torpedo range. 62 kn torpedo speed. 8.5 km main gun range.
      2017 removed from store. (that mean, only VERY Experienced player AND Torpedo lover, have that baby)

  11. Martin van der Boom

    Woot I can do an actually Jingles today: Actually Jingles the range on the torpedo’s is 7km and not 6km (3:10)

    *Executes a hard turn to avoid the torpedo’s from Akizuki*

    • mynameiswritinwater

      thanks for doing that and playing the bait^. Was about to point that out as well^, hehe. We can rely on our gnomish overload to be reliably crap …. ok ok, extra shift in the low mines ? yes Gnome !

  12. about that Pyotr Battleship reversing there is a third possibility – he may have realized he sailed out of cap and decided to go back into it without showing broadside to enemy battleships 😉

  13. Thanks Big Fella!
    Your dulcet tones and clever postings help soothe the stresses at the end of my day.
    Enjoyed very much.
    Josh in Dunedin NZ

  14. So glad you mentioned Iain M Banks – one of my all time favourite authors. The books are worth it alone for the ai/ship names.

  15. When you have more base XP in the loosing team than the 1st one of the enemy team… I was really cheering for that end screen and wasn’t disappointed. Too bad for Venathor though

  16. @Adam Marcinkowski Be that next-level-guy like me, quit WoWs and just keep watching Jingles! 😛 XD

  17. Tell him to stop smoking then

  18. @John C He smokes?

  19. I love hard sci fi! I’ve got a couple of recommended authors for you, Mr. Jingles. John G. Cramer (not popular, only wrote two full novels that I’m aware of, but I keep coming back to those great books) and Vernor Vinge (much more popular but not much more prolific).

  20. My personal favorite sci-fi is the Honorverse series. Hard sci-fi, excellent worldbuilding and some interesting tech choices. Highly recommend

  21. I have sent so many games 🙁 never been in 🙁 sent solo warriors , sent a double kraken , and even a 3200 base xp Nicolas game but I have not been worthy . I must try harder and harder to be included or should I be woke and say victim? Lol ! Nope ! But yes I love his elocution and laughter! Brings a smile to my face ! 🙂 I miss him when he does not make a video !

  22. There were only *two* BB in WoWS that I would even *consider* hunting a destroyer with. The Gneisenau and the Bismarck.

  23. Adam Marcinkowski

    @Thomas Kositzki If that only was so easy …

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