World of Warships- Try Something New

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Hey guys, today we discuss branching out in the game, trying some new classes and such to expand your knowledge. Also to potentially relieve some stress, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Indeed, try something new. Cyberpunk 2077. A whole AAA, new release game about the price of a single higher tier premium ship. Arrived just in time in fact. The obligatory, annual WG christmas scam has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. If your intro vid font isnt in comic sans on your april 1st video, i will unsubscribe


  3. László Attila Dózsa

    Talking about trying something new, I like the intro new music.

  4. This vid just dropped in the same hour as my chat ban ends.
    Time to go get banned again

  5. Oh it was a commercial

    Also about trying something new, trying the one where I quit this World Of CV/Radar/no-stealth

  6. I too am having fun with destroyers, I am a BB makn, but DDs also seem to offer interesting gameplay, i havent gotten the hang on Cruisers yet though…

    • Same here.

      Needed a second class due my clan rules (really they want members at least capable in all classes) and took up DD play.

      Love it, still a BB main but destroyers are great when they work.

      Also it’s made me a better BB player, playing DDs really highlighted a lot of weaknesses meaning now I can slap DDs much easier than before.

      It’s made the game much more fun because of both variety and the overall skill increase I gained, but cruisers are still a pain for me to play.

    • Cruickshank Outdoors

      BB main here. US light cruisers play like a JB sort of. Island hop or run and gun while throttling and changing angles.

  7. Last time I was this early, manual AA was still a thing

  8. Time to branch out maybe, loving the content regardless.

  9. I was watching a CP77 review and my son walked in and said ”Dad, that game has John Wick in it. It must be good”

  10. “Try other classes”

    *Jumps in a DD, get’s instanuked in smoke by CV rocket planes while radared by soviet cruiser*

    • Yeah, that lesson is situational at best. And I wasn’t referring to that situation. Parking the ship close to a spotted radar cruiser is obviously a mistake. What about an unspotted cruiser? As a DD, my concealment is my main weapon, and it’s compromised early in the game because CV spots me before i can spot the enemy capital ships. When rocket planes are attacking, what else can a DD do but smoke up and hope the CV goes away to ruin someone else’s day? And how can the DD know if smoking is safe, since it was unable to spot the enemy formation? Things don’t always boil down to “git gud l2p” 😀

    • you can always try russian dd line, radar or not, you are always spotted!

    • @4meSaints the french DD would like to know your location

    • @tamas lapsanszki Things never boil down to bitch about it on an anonymous Internet forum and things get better.

    • @mitchrc3 No need to be salty mate, we’re just having a conversation here.

      Guys, I wanted to say “Pan-european DDs would like to join” but actually they don’t give a steaming pile of manure abut CV spotting :))))

  11. When I hear “Destroyers are quite fun to play” I lost myself in laughing like Risitas

  12. Hey SLM
    I had a request for a video
    Can you try the Z 52 in 2021, and release your thoughts on it
    Becoz for some reason ppl call it terrible

  13. Had wows for 5 years had some good times on it but the bad out wieghs it big time

  14. Got to admit, playing Minotaur as a BB main was pretty fun, being able to Daka Daka any ship within range. It was nice for once, not being the one being spammed.

  15. im personally a cruiser main, but recently tried out the french dd line and been enjoying ambushing ships with them(as long as there isn’t a cv in the game).

  16. I agree definitely try something new. When I get frustrated I jump into my Kamikaze R and club a few seals … always a good stress reliever 🙂

  17. Does khab still take bb AP damage, or has that change gone through so it overpens now?

  18. Get the Daring, best dd in the game.

  19. bb and dd are my favorites, cruisers are roughest ships, cariers i dont play.

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