World of warships – Try to catch a breath

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The shit hits the fans and it never stops.


  1. hey flambass
    love the vids

  2. That was stressful ?

  3. What is the song playing at the beginning of the vid?

  4. Dude, what time did you get up at this morning? Go back to bed! :-p

  5. george marnelakis

    Taking under concidaration the fact that some don’t own tierX ships, plz make some videos playing lower tier ships except DD’s

  6. 99% of the Minotaur games are stressful & intense

  7. Back To Nature With Brock

    I need to stop watching you. I have so many lines started and not even close to finishing cuz I see you playing a new ship and makes me want to play it really bad lol . Keep up the fantastic job

  8. I bet that Flambass felt like Mccree ‘ITS HIGH NOON’ Mainly because the Minotaur’s guns are non stop Especially when running a Adrenaline Rush Captain then its utter BS you feel like Rambo firing that LMG 😀

  9. the amount of players on your team NOT clicking on enemy planes….

  10. This is why I love this ship so much, its like you r playing a different game than other ships

  11. How do you get that ‘hop up’ view that allows you to peak over land masses?

  12. Flambass and Minotaur… is going to be entertaining… then the music… ok, I’ll sit and watch this. … but those torps in front of the Richelieu tsk tsk

  13. Wow, nonstop action. Well Played!

  14. finally a decent soundtrack! goooood!

  15. flambassu glavni asu

  16. Which is Flambass’ favorite DD, Yueyang or Gearing?
    Neither, it’s Minotaur! xD

  17. After i am getting the Zao (only ~100k xp needed), i will definitely go for the Minotaur. 🙂

  18. Clear sky’s is to difficult to get…

  19. Hey Flambass, based on the Worcesters Test Stats Right now, would you consider showing her off in a video soon when you get her?
    she looks like Des Moines and Minotaur Combined.

  20. I’m still at the Neptune right now, not much XP missing to get the Mino.
    I am curious how the ship plays in comparison… I think the RN aren’t the easiest of all cruisers since radar (and hydro in some cases) really shut you down hard… also really really squishy… a mistake is punished pretty damn hard I feel.

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