World of Warships – TRYHARD to LOSE teams

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I don’t know would you call then “new teams” but they are definitely out there and spreading, the “LET’S LOSE THIS FREE EZ PZ MATCH” teams.
Sometimes it really feels like your team is tryharding to lose and you can’t really believe it’s gonna happen until it happens. Unfortunately most times you can just watch it unveil in front of your eyes and can not stop it, but on those few rare occasions you get to change the outcome.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Another Nice Video. love your Vids <3

  2. Nothing new about those teams, tryhard throwing seems to be very traditional :v

  3. i am simple man i watch Flambass vids and streams when new vid comes out i like it and watch it untill the end

  4. Good vids Keep it up man. Am struggling with the German DD line. Just got the 23 but am stuck with the stock and its horrible trying to play in these upper tier games. Any tips?

    • I’m not a big fan of mid tier German DDs, but you can very much look forward to tier 9 and 10 DDs. Unfortunately they’re not as powerful as they used top be because there are far too many radars which naturally break their aggressiveness. German DDs are natural DD hunters, you lure them into fighting you and than you smoke+hydro them.

    • +Flambass Good tactic. Better than me charging them in their smoke I think?
      I do agree about the radars. Very very aggravating. Seems like there at at least 5 radars per game. Sometimes it really sucks and I feel like a boarder running BB, hiding in smoke. :/
      Thanks for the tip mano.

  5. yay, another day, another reason to not do any work…Flambass you are a god among ship captains.

  6. So lucky that Donskoi didnt use his radar.. Or he’s an idiot?

    • Probably use it earlier, around the 7 minutes, when Flambass harass the Yamato, you can see the Donskoi just far enough – 12/11.8km –
      Also, without premium consumables and superintendent… well, he only got two radars (and yes, its possible !)

  7. American DD, First, Win, 12x flood/fire…. this reminds me of a mission I can’t get :/

  8. Flambass really need to start editing this videos. Commenting. Something.

    • Why exactly?
      I prefer bringing you REAL true and un-altered reactions that REALLY happened, just like true laughing and not forced laughing, real pain and not pretending etc.
      If that’s not something you value than I’m sorry but I think that has a lot more value than me knowing the outcome and than trying to laugh and cry over things that already happened.
      Besides I did a lot of casting and commenting on “King of the Sea” games, some were awesome and some were boring but none of those games brought nearly as much attention as my regular videos.
      I do plan on doing certain things which will require me to make videos in a “normal” way, but I’m way too busy to find time for that right now

    • I think you do a decent enough running comment on what you’re doing and thinking for most of the time , on top of talking to live chat even in heavy situations , that’s some multi tasking .4:07 < like this , at this point I am sweating rivers and my heart rate is up ... you manage to keep calm and chatting lol .

    • He commented the whole way through.

      I prefer the live style than the forced laughs, mock shock and canned rage of a few NA CC’S.

  9. At the beginning, was it a stupid torpedo spread because blindfiring torps at that point is a waste?

  10. Dominic Robertson

    We need more cruisers in games (screw radar though) to torch the ridiculous number of BB’s

  11. Flambizzle keeps hitting it out of the park with these daily uploads CHEAH!

  12. Hans must have lost his voice he hasn’t checked or taken anybody’s papers in a long time. Flambass did you forget to bring Hans back home from your vacation ?

  13. Christopher Wilson

    when 5 dd in match. Everyone else is a spectator as the whole match comes down to the best DD players. The yamato had zero chance against a dd.

  14. I find that if you look at the ships in games like this, they’re often not as try-hard-losing as it might seem, since health advantages aren’t visible if you just look at the minimap, and that can tilt engagements fast. There’s no excuse for a PA DD to die to a lone _Yamato,_ though.

  15. Forget the Ring competition. We need Flambass for special effects and gun sounds.

    18:46 Twelve shells ….. shhhhzzzzztttt pluuhhhppppp

  16. Yamato raised his gun barrels at the end, in a last salute

  17. You and another player on your team got high calibers…. That means the other 10 players on your team can only do a third of the total damage!

  18. It also appears that you had a try hard clan sync dropping five players into battle!

  19. How are you rank 1? Also no extra commentary/editing needed imho.

  20. Did you seen this two-squads OVNI blob in your team? This is deffinetly those who carry, I’m tellin ya…

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