World of Warships- Tsurugi First Impressions: A Japanese Georgia? Or Another IJN Let Down?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier IX Premium Japanese Battlecruiser Tsurugi! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
3:31 Economy
4:21 Armor
5:20 Ship Stats
10:16 Ship Consumables
10:50 Commander and Module Build
15:27 Gameplay Review


  1. This ship just looks so disproportionately tall to me, mostly thanks to those high-rise apartment complexes she has for smokestacks

  2. like the intro for the boat i think it pretty cool you do that for future first impressions

  3. Happy Friday, SeaLord & All fellow Subs. Thanx for the review of the Tsurugi. While not an exact 1:1…seems similar to the Daisen. F-a-s-t, Low HP Pool, Torps. Fun if matchmaker gives you a cruiser-heavy game….not fun if you’re up against BBs with waaaaay more HP (and cannons). Echo your praise for the WG Art Dept…beautiful port. Enjoy your day!

  4. The new line’s ‘457mm’ guns seem to be for armor overmatch purposes only with pre Dreadnought AP shells.

  5. Virgil finna snitch

    Sea Lord the shells have really bad penetration and low damage for their calibre, which is a trait of the tech line as well. In fact, she can’t citadel most BBs from 17km onwards. That’s why you really need to rely on their concealment to get those salvoes

  6. SmokeTheHolyChalice

    Impressive graphics! I bet it requires a significant number of events to pay for such detail. Oh wait, it does!

  7. Defiantly interested in the ship when we can grind for it. Also I do agree about the port, usually on Fjord 99% of the time, the storm is just so damn good in-game though.

  8. NegotiatorGladiarius

    To be honest, other than the “ts”, you actually pronounce these names surprisingly well. A lot of other people butcher, say, the vowels by reading them like in English, while you actually did a perfect job on those. And even the “ts”, at least you made a single sound out of it, so partial credits. And it’s ok, it’s a sound that English AFAIK natively doesn’t have. Though it does appear in words like “tsunami”. Yeah, it’s that “ts”. Or Anime fans might know it from words like tsundere, or kitsune, or for Naruto fans, Bakegitsune (monster fox).

    Or, better, since you obviously know WOWS, it’s the same “ts” as in the Tier VII Akatsuki.

  9. The AP are lighter than the HE shell on this line, they might be the only ships in the game that’s like that. Historically, AP are always at least the same weight, but usually HEAVIER, because kinetic energy (weight) transfers into penetration. WG had used this fact in the game, so I’ve already seen people complaining about the poor pen on this ship.

  10. Based on other reviews, it’s probably the hidden values of the shells. Supposedly it’s the WW1 shell values which have possibly bad Krupp values/penetration? That’s what I heard anyway. Quite disappointing with the new line in my opinion. I’d rather just stick with the other premium BB’s, specifically Georgia🤷 as an example. Just as the other reviewer I watched, I would have preferred them take away the concealment from the new line to give us better shells. Now whenever you get the really sweet salvos that line up nearly perfectly for a battleship they just make a whoopee cushion/fart noise when they connect, not satisfying enough or worth to grind the new line for that. I’d rather take the awful dispersion with that sweet dev strike possibility;sad, to be honest.

  11. Every Japanese battleship, cruisers,battlecruiser etc have superstructures so tall that i seriously could have thought that they confused superstructure blueprints for burj khalifa blueprints like seriously when a DD spots me 100% my superstructure is gone.

  12. She also has higher-than-normal arming threshold. This seems to be what they call “WW-I” shells … plus whatever custom gimping of this ship they hid in the code so it would look artificially good on paper.

  13. Hey sea lord what would you want out of a night battle mode? Decreased concealment globally? Cool lighting effects?

  14. it seem kinda fun, wonder if it will be in coal later on, also the idea of a BB that stealth torp deepwater torp can be fun.
    i have asked in another video but i would like to know your review on the previous prenium pass reward ship

  15. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    Man that intro goes really hard,
    I love it!!!
    We need more of those

  16. I have a soft spot for Battlecruisers , and this looks pretty good to me ,good vid.

  17. SLM tests out new ship, gets a 6-bagger. Nice 👍

  18. I find it hilarious a ship that damn tall to be so stealthy

  19. Might be fun in division, DD or sub scout with Georgia and Tsurugi or Tsurugi with St Vin or Schlief. I’m gonna consider this ship in my DD/Cruiser hunting ship for team ups

  20. Most beautiful port I’ve ever seen.

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