World Of Warships Twitch Funny #1

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The start of something awesome.
Me and Brain are continuing the collaboration with this new series!

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  1. ShepherdOfMemories

    Bruh this man uploads with no schedule. At this point i dont know when i will get a dani video. But i enjoy it every time i do.

  2. This is beautifull. Best of twitch but only daniel. And knowing you have been there makes it more exciting xd

  3. Poggers with a Hard R

    What did you search to get that image?

  4. Everytime i see a clip or a video with the Siegfried there is a part of me saying that there is something wrong with seeing a German ship being that accurate.

  5. First sec of vid:
    Daniel: *Fire and left 53 hp*
    Enemy: *Drop bomb*
    WG dmg rng: Am I joke to u?

  6. the whole thing, poggers, the man the myth the legend, poggers.

  7. Loved the video guys! Still wondering about all those “Kraken stages” with the 8 Kills in the Thunderer clip though!

  8. Me at 3AM: *Sad face*
    Youtube: Daniel posted new video, it’s more WOWS funny shit.
    Me: *Smile*

  9. I hope that this becomes a series!

  10. Daniel: don’t care if i die

    F. D. Roosevelt: don’t mind if i do

    Edit: i don’t care if someone says this is stolen

  11. Did I hear the SVTFOE intro around 4:30? Nice!

  12. This compliation is way better than any other you have done. You tend to try including too many memes(and anime girls cmon you know it) and it backfires most of the time. I loved the simplicity of this one. Great work Dany.

  13. The begining: RNG blees you Daniel!

  14. Василий Сахаров

    3:57 As one said earlier, Shikishima’s dispersion isn’t troll. It’s Daniel who used Shikishima’s dispersion for troll =D

  15. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    It was a pleasure to meme together with Daniel on this video btw. Don’t forget to watch his stream and clip for more episodes!

  16. The kraken stages got me hard, cracked up in laughter a bit 🤣

    10:57 Cries in G17 and G19 X (both GBB) semi automatic. We don’t have a legal G18C full auto in my country 😑.

  17. “twitch funny” yea… meaby one or two actions was funny, but i understood it won’t be too good vid with just 15s of funny actions

  18. 5:50, what’s the point of “throwing away” a squadron of planes like that? Get them back to the CV early so they can’t get shot down at the tradeoff of potentially doing less damage and losing time flying planes out to the target again?

  19. Federico Maria Ostuni

    Me seeing the notification after school: * Kylo Ren noises * “MORE”

  20. 4:15 “general yamamoto” …….

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