World of Warships Twitch Funny #2 – The Grand SALT

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The saga with the twitch funny compilations continue boys!
Me and Brain are continuing the collaboration with this new series!

This time we decided to include some War Thunder for good measure. Hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. Ah yes, more daniel rusev to watch

  2. When the mag det makes Daniel saltier than the Dead Sea lmao

  3. That ohio really wants to kill me
    *gets hit with a Salvo
    And it looks like he’s going to succeed

  4. In summary. Lots and lots of explosions.

  5. Seeing Daniel getting detonated brings me joy

  6. you don’t want detonation… use the flag :D:D:D:D:D

  7. That depth charge play was smooth ngl

  8. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Making this together was really fun Danny. And, promise to use fresher clips next time guys. 😀

  9. I mean…. The only reason the oceans are full od salt is because the toxic weekend scrubs XD

  10. Did not expect to hear a “houshou marine” here 7:36 xD

  11. I have learned something today. Never give a Slav depth charges. Unless, of course, you want to find new ways of using them.

  12. Spreadsheets say that they are *fun and engaging!* /s

  13. detonated by HE in a cruiser, wtf

  14. WG: no more full hp detonation possible
    Daniel cries in Detonationflags

  15. Roon on a Pommern? That’s class.

  16. I rarely experienced detonation in my ships but still that’s saf.

  17. I still remember the day, when u sold all of your “Juliet Charlie” flags… 😂

  18. I gotta ask if there is a playlist somewhere available, real good music.

  19. Wait since when does he talk. Since when does he have a facecam.

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