World Of Warships Twitch Funny #3

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The next twitch funny compilation is here boys!
This time it is even more epic and funny!
Me and Brain are continuing the collaboration with this new series!

This time we decided to include some War Thunder for good measure. Hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. Why’d you show German ships doing well? 😛

  2. Nice 👍

  3. Tribbles the Unfortunate

    “see’s daniel smacking ships into oblivion and getting close combat ribbons, 11km out”.
    Me = “see ya later kiddo’s, i’m out of here” …. HOW THE “yeah” IS HE DOING THIS
    “to avoid confussion, the yeah is another word that begins with the letter f XD

  4. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Damn Daniel! I really like your new format of videos!!! XD

  5. we have an imposter>.< 3:23

  6. ShepherdOfMemories

    Damn the transitions are clean. Love em.

  7. Ah, I see, you’re the men of a culture as well


  8. 5:49 It’s like the trolls that lemming rush to the enemy base and finish them off with the captured base (by the way, I mean my stupid team and I only delay the inevitable).

  9. Lol! When you wave your arms yellingt “i cheated” you look just like Tom Hanks in The Terminal 😀


    Me watching this: i smel jojo

  11. song at 1:25 plz
    and gr8 vid as always, fun to watch

  12. 10:39 does anyone know the soundtrack which is playing in the background in this clip? Also how can the second DD be so stupid and running into the torps the fletcher just died in??

    Was a great Video mate, had a good laugh.

  13. RIP Siegfred in now commander rework ;-;

  14. 9:54 Pliz music 🎵🙏

  15. 5:05 pretty sure thats the day and exact moment every server crashed including WG’s website.

  16. The one guy at WG feeling bad for Dani probably made his secs only target the magazine from then on

  17. Shikisima guns sound like the devil is spitting a huge fireball of hatred…..

  18. Fuso-Yamashiro-Haruna Battleship Trio

    The pain is his voice when he said “In a SHIKISHIMA”.

  19. I think we all really want a list of music used Daniel, lol. 1:25 for me!

  20. I hate facereveals, it ruins the imagination, the magic.

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