World Of Warships Twitch Funny #4

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The next twitch funny compilation is here boys!
This time it is even more epic and funny!
Me and Brain are continuing the collaboration with this new series!

This time we decided to include some War Thunder for good measure. Hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. Is it just me or are people getting dumber in ranked?

  2. always a funny beast Daniel

  3. I was under the impression that a dead eye patch would get rid of the at least sentient part of community, guess i can always be wrong

  4. 7:27 OMG ITS THIS SCENE where the song go?🤣

  5. I’m glad you got your YT channel back

  6. “HAH HAH HAH” Yukikaze

  7. 10:22 Daniel has thought in uninstall WoW and try another games to not play again with those bot, sorry, with those idiots to idiots

  8. 0:31 Yoshino has been acepted in clown school

  9. Maybe that Stalingrad player just had excellent skills at Catch the Torpedo?

  10. Dude get some sleep if you keep it up like that you will develop serious mental and physical problems you want be able to fix so easily…

  11. gabriel Gasiorowski

    You kicked my ass a few days ago, in one of the new German dd’s… Love your vids man!

  12. 6:07-6:32 someone is a Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles fan. good choice

  13. I’m still in bronze and i’m happy with that. Trying to get to Silver/Gold is just an aneurism waiting to happen and apparently the rewards aren’t worth it. (So i’ve heard).

    • I got to qualifiers for silver and its just the same monke mentality as in MM.. like, I don’t understand how people reached T10 with that thinking

  14. literallya randomperson

    2:04 damn so many glorious torps 😂

  15. the reckless warlock

    I couldn’t find your channel for a few days, what happened?

  16. Firestarter OnYouTube

    2:11 that poor destroyer had no idea *That the Wall of Skill was inbound*

  17. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Slower pace, but it was fun making this <3

  18. Wyvern The Pinkie Pie

    All right, who gave Gilgamesh torpedoes for his Gate of Babylon?

  19. Fuso-Yamashiro-Haruna Battleship Trio

    Ah yes, so many Torpedo Beats.
    Also, the Captain of that Stalingrad probably had too much Vodka

  20. 7:47 Hah, I’m just today got one with bomb like this

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