World Of Warships Twitch Funny #5

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My new twitch funny compilation is here boys! The memes are over 9000.
Me and Brain are continuing the collaboration with this new series!
Hope you will enjoy it!

You can buy the glorious shirt here:
PS: We also have socks for the memes

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  1. Mr.Enderman Cook

    Another great video good job👍😎👍

  2. Hope you liked the video boys. Me and Brain put extra work in it so it can have extra memes!!!

    Also as you requested I have started limited edition merch
    The best line from the stream where I showed shirt was : Dont worry boys you can still get it now for sure… For later not so sure!

  3. Twitch: I raised that boi


  5. Hello Daniel and sorry for the first moment of the video. It was me xD

  6. Greetings from Poland ✌️

  7. 7:09 – glad it’s not just me that sees the incoming salvo way too late.

  8. My new favourite series kekw

  9. If you give this man a boat and a potato launcher he could have end the pacific war 3 years and 8 months earlier.

  10. it was Dazzle skill on the shima at the end mate.

  11. That ‘anomaly’ with the false short aiming has become a pretty often ‘occurrence’ lately.. Of course its all just incidents…

  12. Wyvern The Pinkie Pie

    I hear some Alicorn at the merch reveal. :3

    *SALVATION!* :3

  13. Thanks for show me that you miss some shoots too. 🙂

  14. 10:40 I am glad there is no bug with shells falling short when shooting over islands 😅

  15. Alexanderss Derrande

    “Ok then i’m the torpedo” LOL

  16. 6:54 Incoming Fire Alert goes brrrr

  17. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Was really fun to make :3

  18. when the shikishima hits a dd, even when the shells don’t explode and just come to rest within the ship, it will sink anyway due to additional weight xD

  19. been watching you for about just under a year and i must say, this was your best video ive watched cause i genuinely choked on food from the chika/halo meme 💀

    keep up the work man, you’re doing great 😀

  20. Endless waltz music!!! I like!

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