World of Warships – Twixxer

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There are comebacks, there are epic comebacks, and then there’s the Twixxer played in his

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 , running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles is the only reason why I’m currently sane during the corona lockdown, thank u sir

  2. Jingles: “With a Topspeed of aorund 24.5 Knots”
    *meanwhile on screen, NC cruising around at about 27.2 Knots*

    • @zameliz usable speed is essentially the ship’s top speed. the boatswains mate that pilots the ship as well as the Nav officer will not take the ship above the “do not exceed” or usable speed of the ship. Jingles was wrong but not that far off essentially. the only, and i mean ONLY time this would change is in the advent of emergency (like being fired on by torpedoes), and even then it’s short burst. so to be fair, both points are on topic, just different perspectives.

    • @Grisbane2099 What part of *TOP SPEED* did you fail to understand?
      Ships top speed is the maximum speed possible that it can go, nothing more nothing less.
      The topic was “top speed” and not “top speed in (insert situation here)”
      NC’s *sustainable top speed* may be around 25 knots but it can do 29 knots so 29 knots is it’s top speed.
      I’ts not really that complex.

    • @Nyctasia They then changed our her Screws in a refit and could reliably get to 27 without error in 45.

    • @Mgl 1206 Oh really now, do tell me exactly how I’m in the wrong here?

    • @Ravenwing19 – yes, but it took years, and for the majority of wWII she would have had a maximum battle speed of 24.5 kts. It is simply an often overlooked and interesting fact about the two ships.


  4. Seizure warning at 10:43 for anyone else? about 7 seconds of old school TV standby lookalike colors xD

  5. Last time I was this early we had a break from the salt mines.
    Wait…there’s no break?
    Could I finish this video before I go back?
    No? Alright I’ll get back to work.
    *Grabs pickaxe*

  6. 10:42 wtf Jingles I thought my pc screen was broken -.-

  7. 10:42-10:52 Warning for those with photo epilepsy

  8. Did anyone else notice glitching at around 10:40?

  9. Jingles : “The NC does about 24.5 knots.” Actually jingles, the bottom-left hand speed counter says 28 kno- jingles?!?!? Nonono plz put the shotgun dow- *BANG*

    • @tspencer227 that sounds awesome. One day in my life I hope to have enough time to volunteer for museum ship

    • @Sean Mac it only takes a few hours a month on weekends over the year – totally worth it. Also, shameless plug, but when they reschedule the Wargaming event, I’ll be one of the docents aboard that weekend.

    • @tspencer227 I don’t live anywhere near one ATM but maybe someday I can find convenient employment that will allow me to

    • I’m about an hour and a half from the Alabama. I need to check if they need volunteers….

    • Jayden, like Jingles would let you off that quick. A year or three of double shifts at half rations in the saltmine is more likely. 😉

  10. “That Colorado got but 2 chances of stealthing up right now, Jack and shit, and Jack just left town” 😂

  11. Sigma isn’t vertical dispersion. It’s a measure of how likely a shell will land near the centre of the point of aim. Iirc

  12. Lars van warendorp

    Jingles, it’s even more hilarious that the Colorado tryd to run and abandoned his teammate, he was in the same clan AND division as the nagato!!! Im getting a bit of a potato vibe here 😂😂😂

    • totally a potato team. Should not be able to solo full HP BBs with a 1/4HP. dog pile the fucker, he dies, you win. Bunch of scared rookies that dont know how to apply their own worth.

    • Cat with a diphthong

      Lars van warendorp you almost wonder if that was the plan. “Go, run and hide so we’ll win on points! I’ll keep them busy here!”

    • the Colorado could have won running away actually, if their aim was mediocre at least to finish off the NC.

    • @Laszlo Nemeth Or, you know, they STOPPED FIRING THEIR BLOODY GUNS.

    • @Michael Pitts the DD would have spotted it anyway

  13. Jingles: Mentions that NC does 24knots with speed flag…

    Me: Looks at speed indicator showing nearly 28…..

    Never change sir!

  14. Colorado probably thought “hey I’ve seen a jingles or two this is where I run and hide and win on points so I don’t throw the match”.

    • Right.
      And actually firing at the NC made sense: with better aim he could’ve taken out the only real threat to him and gained an even bigger point lead. Plus the Colorado was well within detection range, so there would’ve been no point in holding fire.
      I’d blame him for not flanking the NC, but not for running away, since he had a point lead and was in the slowest ship at that tier and faced with 2 enemies armed with torpedoes.

    • @landochabod7 TBH his mistake was to, for whatever reason, sail away from B as the entire rest of his team chose to sail towards it. Twixx is spotted even before he enters the B cap, long before he has his brawl with the 2 cruisers. That is ample time for the Colorado to pull a U turn and be in a position to fire on Twixx and support his team. But he continues to sail more or less away. At the point where Twixx has to fight the Nagato and New Mexico, the Colorado is basically out of the fight because he’s sailing away and his ship is too slow to either turn around to assist the NM, or to continue on past the island and help the Nagato.

      He also never fires his guns at Twixx until just before he sails behind the island. It at least appeared like he was originally south of it, heading north-northwest, so he could have fired at least as many volleys as the NM did, but he only ever got one salvo off before taking himself out of the fight.

  15. “Hello Cleveland…….”
    “Bye bye Cleveland”.


  16. I heard “She’s still slow compared to an island” and absently nodded in agreement, had to rewind back and do a double take

  17. I love the enemy team. “Make your move already”.
    2 minutes later “She was a VIII and I’m a VI.” lol. I found that hilarious.

  18. Drinking challenge: Take a shot and scream “I’M A GIRAFFE!” every time he says “Colorado”

    Please some get this reference…

  19. “The team with the most Colorados always loses.” – The Mighty Jingles

  20. Moritami Kamikara

    >When you fire at the enemies broadside and miss every shot
    >When the enemy fires at your bow and gets several citadels
    >When you are me playing world of warships

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