World of Warships- Two Brothers: Down The Middle

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Yup, we did that.

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  1. 2am but screw it sleep is for the weak ? also how the hell did this work?! Lmao

  2. SPESHUL tactics!

  3. This reminds me of a t5-7 game I played a week ago at 3am where I convinced my whole team to go up the middle. Needless to say it became a fatal funnel very quickly.

  4. I love doing this, having the team call me whatever, then for it to pay off as I either cap, or distract 3 or more of the enemy to (try) take me out, leaving the flanks easy wins. Glorious, and mostly do this in German BB too.
    Though its usually just me, so I cant go a balls out as you guys did.

    • People play the middle totally wrong, you have to use the part of the island that juts out and keep reversing or tanking there when it dictates. If noone comes in then push up a bit and start the cap if still undetected, then start backing up after 10 or 15 seconds and enemies will start flocking to the mouth, usually broadsiding it.

      It’s for one BB to go and bait people off the flanks, maybe one other person in a cruiser or BB to protect against a DD rushing to torp. JB obviously is great, but I do it in Tirpitz regularly. I’ve pulled 6 ships from the flank and kept them busy for the whole match. Other times I’ve got in the cap and peeked out to get some broadsides and bait them in as I reverse back to the middle where that rock juts out. Pushing thru out the gate usually fails everytime.

    • @Matthew Robinson Exactly how I play it in Bismark

    • Meanwhile the team is telling me to get back and what not. lol

  5. just have to a typical flamu runn ? pls come upp with something new

  6. Stream ??!?!!? I know you said yes…… but………?

  7. Nice video 🙂

  8. Had a channel charge game a few days ago. We won, it was fun.

  9. Do you know how to set both sides of your secondaries firing on different targets? Because I figured it out!

    • @James Myers

    • @Steven Wiederholt you select one ship that you want some of your secondaries to target. Then you select a second target that you want your other side to focus, then reselect your original target. Then the secondaries will know that you want the priority target to be the first selected, while the second target is focused by secondary guns that don’t have an angle on the primary target. I have not tested to see if this works on more than 2 targets as my PC has crapped out.

    • @James Myers

      Cool! Thank You.

      “my PC has crapped out.”…Ain’t technology grand…..when it works. 🙂

  10. Ludwig von Siegfried

    wish I was with you

  11. Me, who does this every time I get Two Brothers _despite being in an _*_Edinburgh_*
    I am incapable of sinking to a human level

    I also led the team to victory down the middle once, although at the cost of my own ship

  12. You missed a torpedo, now I have to go back for it!?

  13. We played a division with Bismarck, Tirpitz and Zeppelin, all secondary galore and pushed a flank in formation yesterday (not on 2 brothers though. This worked surprisingly well. The carrier could not touch us, we had hydro, and a dd that got spotted too close got melted by our 3 secondaries before it could even smoke up.
    I had 124 k damage in the tirp at the end, of which 64k were secondary pens and 9k fires. They tried to focus our Zepp at one point , but we were on top of them too quickly and whemever they turned away from air torps, we had their broadside.
    Was an epic sight too, will do that more often now!

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