World of Warships – Two by two and off with you

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It may only have 2×2 guns but they rack up dmg quite fast, you just have to be in a position to have something to shoot all the time. These guns are your ONLY source of dmg so better make sure they don’t stop singing.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Bruh that thing has a ridiculous fire rate!

  2. Wow , that was a masterclass Flambass matey 🙂

  3. Is this ship OP Flambass? 19 point captain with IFHE? Sure as hell looks like it, but I like the concept hydro, smoke, defensive AA more of a anti CV destroyer. Thanks for the replay and he got robbed on the last chance for a torp hit (Ghostbuster) LOLZ as you said.

  4. You get a fire, and you get a fire, and you get a fire! Everybody gets a fire!!!

  5. good to have a teammate how spots 🙂 nice game

  6. Ognevoi needs this RoF. And love planes getting murdered. These pests deserve to die like that 😀

  7. The Flambass Effect.. . The moment they see you in the opposite team, they run away and f@ck up and loose… . .

  8. I didn’t know Harugumo had a Dutch cousin, very dakadaka

    • Only the flag and language are both wrong.

      But hey,…love the Friesland, but i might be biased I’m Frysian-Dutch.

  9. I was waiting for that 1 sec reload with AR activate

  10. That little ship needs another 5k HP or a Heal. As it is it’s to easy for a Brit BB to wipe it out in 2 salvos.

  11. when is that ship going to be released?

  12. Nice to see you playing with Gosttbuster in div again,nice team player,gg guys??

  13. Is that a Firefly reference in the title? Because if so…shiny.

  14. Gareth Fairclough

    Oof, Flambass, were you having problems with frame rate in that game? Lots of times where the vid just seems to start juddering!

  15. They keep turning ships out with this much dpm and BB,s will never push a cap ,,,,,,never

  16. 4:44 Turning the Gans! (Gans = goose in german and sounds like guns)

  17. Flambass- Hey no one has died on our team.
    Friendly Kremlin- Hold my beer.

  18. A DD without torps but 1.5 sec reload…
    Its a bit like Big Smoke without number 9 but waaaayyyyy too much extra dips

  19. 2020 we will only see reward ships in the game

  20. It’s not that weird that the carrier focused you. If he knew you or someone else on their team did they may have focused you because they know you’re a great player. Problem is, they tend to tunnel vision and focus a player even when doing so is tactically unsound. Happens to me in WoT all the time, I may not be a pro but I am usually one of the higher stat players on a team so i get focused a lot even when there are better targets.

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