World of Warships – Two For One

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Two battles today, neither of which could make the cut for their own video but which complement each other perfectly well side by side.

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  1. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    Two For One
    Rear Admiral Giggles
    Rear Admiral Babbles
    Rear Admiral Redundant

    Keep those videos coming.

  2. oh jingles, that would be the ottomans entering the first world war, not turkey- turkey was founded in 1923 as a republic by our favourite man, m.k. atatürk.

    • @FortuneZero if you’re gonna be racist, just be brave an say i’m racist. if you’re going that far back in time, you’re gonna find a lot of different peoples invading a lot of different land. do you hate those ethnicities as well as mine for invading others’ lands? no? that’s what i thought. if you’re racist, at least be a racist with a backbone.

    • @The Apokolypze so the Brits got it right even before the Turks themselves got it right 😄

    • @Ozgur72 actually Anatolia is Greek and means the East, not land of the Turks. The Ottomans (Othmani) is Arabic from the founder’s name (Othman) and in no written document done by the Turks at the time who wrote in Arabic there are no mentions of that name. So that is also a given name by the British “The Ottomans.” Second that region is not the land of the central asian Turks, as it is historically native land of the Assyrian, Armenian, Kurds, Syrianic, Greek, Macedonia and many other ethnically Native to the region of Anatolia. The Turkish tribes of 1300 as moving through the region slowly became ethically mixed with the people of those lands. I don’t know what they teach you in History books in Turkey but the rest of the world does not need to subscribe to invented lies of Turkish Nationalism that does not even recognizes the ethnic groups historically lived there. I am sorry but the Akshually is required for you not Jingles here.
      At no point in history Turks have been victims of British Colonial History, Turkey is a settling colonial entity on its own!

    • I mean the Ottoman Empire was only around for like 600 years.

  3. Keep up the great videos jingles.

  4. Most have very similar opinions about the Yukon as you expressed for the Agincourt.
    The Yukon is a great heavy cruiser.

  5. Andrew MacDonald

    Epic video jingles, hope the new castle goes well

  6. Imagine detonating someone’s ammunition with your SECONDARIES.

  7. With the Agincourt, it’s best to use HE on the main armament, fire chance is really good, less over penetration too.

    • Yeah HE on BBs is surprisingly useful vs “lightly armored targets”, thats what its for. But as is usual in WoWS for a game whos subtitle is “thinking mans action game”, their is a UNHOLY lack of thought going on.

    • I think AP is better or that ship.

    • To be honest. I Use He in 90% of Casey with every Ship.
      Only If i can get a broadside in i Switch to ap.

      I don’t know enough about wows. So i might be doing it wrong. But save damage is better than No damage.

    • @Edenjung HE has the problem that you can heal back a lot more of that HP and especially in the case of BB vs. Cruiser, it’s better to use AP. The only lines where it’s really “worth it” to stick to HE is the British BB line, the rest go with AP 90% of the time, since that is more damage no matter what.

  8. Oh boy. That was a tremendous throw. 😂 Not gonna lie though. I’m guilty of being on a throwing team as of recent. Well played boys.

    • Me as well. I drove in hard assuming that we had the win well in hand and me killing even one more ship would cement the win FOR SURE. I got killed by a dd that I left on 300hp, he went on to gut our team and cap us out. Totally embarrassing.

  9. Did anyone else see that detonation on the DD with secondaries?? First to see that for me.

    • Yeah I’ve had it once or twice.

      DDs detonate at the slightest hit but only when it’s critical that they do not detonate in a similar way to bbs being especially susceptible to being detonated by CV torps.

  10. Have a good weekend Jingles and everyone else in here.

  11. I don’t actually think that the second replay was much of a “throw”. Most of the opponents was on low health – it was just good playing on behalf of 007 teams’ behalf rather than throw on behalf on the opponents

  12. This Jingles fellow might just be famous from the looks of the chat.

  13. I wish we could of seen all of the second game…. Loved that on how they are like “Well we gotta help jingles on the name of the ships!” Tho they did seam to forget that you are known to get the class wrong on ships too…. LOL

  14. The echo is noticable hope the furniture arrives soon jingles x

  15. Wow, the reverb on jingles’ voice is great!

  16. While watching a Twitch stream last night, happened to see a double First Blood in one game… on the same team… by two div mates. I believe someone made a clip of it.

  17. Really like this format, I’m sure it adds complexity to production. But it ironically made for a more action packed video as a whole. Was hoping it’d be the one and only video I’ve ever sent of my little Campbeltown sniper replay. But these two. were great.

  18. I was the P. Ruprecht in this match and I was dying laughing from that!! I am so happy this was shown Jingles!

  19. Shout out to that absolute CHAD of a Lion. Dude was strong arming the enemy team when it counted where nobody else would.

  20. That second replay is a textbook definition of “and I took that personally”

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