World of Warships: U-2501 – T10 German Submarine in Ranked

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Against real players submarines are more fun than I thought they would be. This was my first match in the T10 German submarine U-2501. She’s pretty good.

0:00 U-2501 Match
12:02 End Screen
13:54 Captain Skills & Upgrades
16:23 Outro

World of Warships footage of the new tier 10 German submarine in Ranked.


  1. I like how U-2501 appears as the leader of the scarlet fleet from Arpeggio.

  2. Do not submerge at the start of the match. It’s a dumb idea.

  3. eyyyy! he’s back…!!! But this is boring as hell, sub gameplay is no fun and looks even worse to play against.. 🙁

  4. The only thing I hate about subs is been spotted as a Destroyer and I can’t spot the sub.

  5. Aerroon, you sound so much better now. Glad you are back 100%.

  6. You always have at least one torpedo left

  7. The US-submarines are more broken. They have more torpedoes available, firing both directions (front and back), having shorter reload time, and even longer firing range.
    The most mindboggling thing is, that a submarine can sit at 24 meters depth either in front or behind a ship, depending on the firing direction of their depth charges. If the surface ship doesn’t have any anti-submarine armament (why the fuck do some ships not have *any* anti-submarine capabilities WG?!), the submarine is completely save, while simultaneously being able to spot the targeting ship himself at a distance of around 5 Km. Then you mount and skill anything that enhances your surface-to-depth speed, surface slightly to ~16 Km depth, fire all your torps, go down to 24 meters immediately thereafter, and fire your ping for the lock-on effect. Extremely unfair, extremely unfun to play against, and completely broken – even more so if your ship doesnt have any anti-submarine capabilities. This isn’t even the most broken part about submarines at the moment: The most broken part is, that a submarine can actually ram other surface ships, and do the same damage as if it were a surface ship, which is not even close to how this would go in reality and it shouldn’t be able in the game *at all* for balancing reasons. And I just remembered: For some unbelievable reason, submarine torpedoes do not have normal arming distance. They have basically *no arming distance,* so you can launch them as close as 1 meter away from your target. WTF?
    This is a complete shit show, until they fix the ramming, and counter this super fast surfacing/depth-speed, as well as give those torps a normal arming distance.

  8. Getting to watch Aerroon before i have to start work today. The day is good now!

  9. They made submarines way to arcadey in my opinion… I found the Battlestations games did a much better job at submarine actions

  10. from what I’ve been able to tell, it seems to me that the german torps home a lot more aggressively while deeper, and tone down once they hit that “striking” depth. While the american torps are the opposite, they home less aggressively at deep depths, and more so at that “striking” depth.

  11. Killing this game one submarine at the time.

  12. This is a great example of Subs being like the original CVs… SKILL. Most sub players are on bottom of team. However, if you get good, you’ll be at top. It’s what we want, but over time there will be a larger segment that are on top. Another form of poison for the majority that want surface capital ship engagements.

  13. Good game – well played 🙂

  14. CV’s aren’t fun for surface ships. Who cares? WG certainly doesn’t.

  15. I haven’t really had problems when playing surface ships.

  16. @Aerroon then play as any of the ships *without any* anti-submarine capability…

  17. This doesn’t look fun to play against.

  18. i was just watching your big hunt videos man those where the good days 😀

  19. Yay! I check your site every day!

  20. @UltraVires I saw one guy park his ship on top of the sub. The sub can’t do anything. And he waited until the sub had to surface and nuke the sub.

  21. Aerroon 6 years ago: 1 second into the video Hello and welcome

    Aerroon now: “some anime voice” 1 secod after that Hello, and welcome

  22. Good news: Aerron is back. Bad news: looks he likes subs. Sub ramming: works only vs DDs

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