World of Warships U-2501 Tier 10 Submarine Gameplay

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  1. I sense this may be the end of my time playing WoWs

  2. Electro-boot, nice

    • This class of U-boot was powered by engines using Hydrogen Peroxide so they could run them under water, we can say it is lucky for the world Germany did not get them going before the war.

    • OmnivorousCarbon

      @John King pretty sure they constructed like 3 of them by the end, some of them completed some patrols, these is a mark Felton video on these u-boats, a good watch I would recommend watching it.

  3. And this is why bb is obsolete in in this game and in real life.

  4. This is the best example of “Sunken cost”. WG knows how bad the implementation of the subs is but cannot afford to re-work or ditch it. The have already dumped way to much money and time into it so they are just going to roll with it and hope that players will eventually suck it up and stop complaining. Most of the systems implemented for the subs are just idiotic.

    • jeova0sanctus0unus

      They know players wont stop complaining, but they know it will fade into the general whitenoise of bitching that always goes on.

  5. I wonder how many who play WOWS know just how long BB’s/CA’s and CV’s for that matter would have been kept had subs got to this level of development before the start of hostilities ?, As we know that the world has been under the most threat from SSBN’s than from any other class of Naval war ship, I have seen copies of designs from Germany that would have re-written how we think of the second world war. ALL of us need be glad ‘AH’ did not know how to breath, think, walk and chew gum at the same time!.

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