World of WarShips | U-69 | 5 KILLS | 159K Damage – Replay Submarine Gameplay 4K 60 fps

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Replay of the game World of War Ships (WOWS Replay) WOWS U 69 5 kills 159255 damage mecawows

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  1. Cool

  2. Submarines looks hard to play

  3. Udderate Madness

    Thanks for making this video, it really entertained me!

  4. It will be more crazy if they decide to add type 21

  5. How the hell can a submarine catch on fire underwater???

  6. deadly op in a hands of a skilled player


    u-69(u boat) is too top

  8. that is on the test server vs bots….
    why don’t you play on the main game they doing p v p and not p v npc

  9. As a player who played last when French cruisers were new…

    What the hell is this lol

  10. wow that just looks so ideotic. That kind of sub NEVER fought like that

  11. Couldn’t they have found a way to implement these without stuff like “homing torpedoes?” Nothing like that existed during WW2

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