World of WarShips | U-69 | 6 KILLS | 106K Damage – Replay Submarine Gameplay 1080p 60 fps

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Replay of the game World of War Ships (WOWS Replay) WOWS U 69 6 kills 106072 damage mecawows submarine

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  1. First Submarine battle in the channel???

  2. It’s seem unstable and very unfair against others especially the BB.Hopefully they released more updates.

  3. Hi MecaWOWS Replays, It is the first, You using German Submarine. I like it

  4. Unbeatablekoalapanda gaming

    Nice by the way how do u go up and down in a submarine

  5. 워멤메 완전 죽창이자너

  6. Davi Super-Sport RR3

    guy if counter-torpedo was already dangerous, imagine the submarines. is wows update? it’s top


    u-69 is the thug life


    i’m from brazil

  9. _(DD sets smokescreen)_

    *Homing Torpedo:* Aw, ain’t that cute?

  10. It’s a good thing I don’t play DD, besides everything else that hunts them they add another class that can devastate with one strike. Glorious! That opening was beautiful and horrendous at the same time!

  11. make more submarine video

  12. Subs live yet?

  13. Please make more Submarine Content Please

  14. NarutoPlayz NXB

    i guess i was late ._.

  15. I have the mobile version of this game
    And it sucks 😣

  16. thank you meca wows

  17. you all do realize you’re reacting to the entire submarines gameplay based off on one match by a dude who made 6 kills?
    If you see a CV make 6 kills are you all gonna cry NERF again?

  18. Олег Битель

    Подлодки по сути своей и тем более реплеи ни о чем.

  19. Can you make more videos about submarines pls 😍😍

  20. That torpedo-attack from the rear of the sub, at about midway through this clip, was pretty wicked and stellar.

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