World of Warships – Udaloi by MadLunat1c

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on Two Brothers by MadLunat1c starts out on the west side of the map. MadLunat1c sends torpedoes and uses smoke to engage the enemy on the western tip of the island. A couple enemies fall, MadLunat1c moves to continue the pressure on the remaining enemies in the west. One by one they fall to the teams might until there is only one left. A great game by MadLunat1c and a fantastic example of how to play the destroyers. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Soviet Udaloi


  1. wow best game I have ever seen lol

  2. Russian power : )

  3. うますぎまする。

  4. btw, before Russians watch Your videos, better check how russian tier ship
    names actually sounds, cause man, they gonna start bashing You for that
    pronouncing =)

  5. Higher RoF = Bigger chance of taking kills.
    I’m more impressed by hes fire spread skill, well done. Obvious he has
    Demolition expert skill on. Witherer not that easy achievement to get,
    That is good example how <155mm guns are too OP with current captain
    skills, +10% RoF, +20% range, Demolition expert which mostly low caliber
    guns take advantage off with some DD get chance to set on fire increased by
    up to 60%.
    While other class, specially BBs, has much less boost on there side to
    compete with that. All skill +premium+signals, still max skilled DDs can
    burn to death battleship while not leaving smoke cover. And BBs have
    absolutely no way out of this, HP repairs dont works that fast to deal with
    2-3 fires at once, premium consumables + signals doesnt help ether, retreat
    option not alway possible when BBs waiting for Your broadside. Torpedos are
    easier to avoid, than HE+Fire spammer sitting in smoke.
    Yeah, BBs to much dependant on others, than random games/players can
    provide, for BB to be at spearhead and do tanking.
    I'm starting be less hateful on BB campers and now understand why they do
    that instead.

  6. I give up 🙂 I said in your last vid that you cant carry in Wow like you
    can in Wot :)

  7. 362 target hits. Wow but really boring to watch him fire his guns over and
    over… and over. Love your videos though.

  8. One day I will have a replay worthy of Youtube

  9. best DD play ever.. :)

  10. Yeahyeah, impressive. But i want to know about the flag he has. A sort of
    Jolly Rogers Santa. I’ve seen it a couple of times in game myself but never
    had a reply to my question. But yes, a very impressive game.

  11. That’s unreal. I thought at 5 kills it was already amazing. I can’t help
    but think it odd that with that many medals and damage AND 2 Notsers he
    really didn’t get the returns he should have.

  12. Udaloi is a beast

  13. Damn i so love Udaloi….reminds me of old Kiev before the nerf but with
    longer range torp :)

  14. He did well killing things. His base exp was insane for doing what he did.
    But I think he could have gotten super insane exp had he actually capped
    some stuff.

  15. Nice replay of an excellent game. But please notser, could you stop
    murdering the name “mikhael”. It shouldn’t be that hard for even an
    american to pronounce.. 😉 Especially since the last soviet head of the
    state had the same first name.
    And thank you for your content. Best WoWs content I’ve found anywhere.

  16. Its official he had a Notser moment. nice video and great play by

  17. OK that was pretty insane.

    Sadly, as you know, the absurdities of ships hiding in smoke while firing
    as though with perfect visibility, and DD calibre guns trashing heavy
    cruisers let along BBs, are simply too much for me.

    Brilliant use of the game mechanics, perfect illustration of how
    pants-on-head stupid BS those mechanics are.

    I was a bit sad deleting the game, and nearly reinstalled. Then I see a
    game like this and realise for me deleting it was the right move. Just
    can’t get past the total BS.

  18. great video as always Notser:
    he is lucky that he didn’t get team killed toward the end. I was watching
    chat toward the end. MadLunat1c was calling out his team mates, and couple
    of them replied back that they were just following him around the map.
    luckily for him they just quit trying since he took credit for so many of
    the kills. if he had been playing with more established players (number 1
    they would have had more kills) they would have retaliated against him for
    taking so many kills. I’ll bet that was 1 pissed off team
    after he took credit for all their work.

  19. How does one change the FOV like in this video?

  20. wow awesome. New nerf incoming lol.It forces us to Upgrade Commander to
    have a chance. It can drive newcommers away from the game (specially in a
    years from now) when most have fully upgraded Commanders.The IX Fletcher is
    also good DD. In a game i played one guy had over 4000 basic XP.

  21. What a game LOL. Please keep up the content :D.

  22. You now have a record to beat . If you can even tie that , you will be a
    game god .

  23. This is the first time I witness 9 kills O_o
    A few days ago I witness firsthand a teammate got 8 kills.
    My best so far is 6 kills.

    Btw, I got my APR Myoko tonight ^_^

  24. ok i need his hacks :P

  25. Wow…just, wow. That might be the best gunboat DD game I have ever seen.
    Certainly the most kills I have ever seen. Damn impressive. I guess there
    is hope at the end of the Trashcan.

  26. wow that was crazy lol made me and you look like we don’t know what we are
    doing when we play lol jk

  27. They need to update the dictionary definition of Carry.

  28. MadLunat1c here! Thank you Notser for featuring my replay!
    My captain skills were –
    1 point skills : Basic Firing training, Situation awareness
    2 point skills : Expert Marksmen
    3 point skills: Superintendent
    4 point skills: Advanced Firing training
    5 point skills: Concealment Expert

    Ship upgrades were Main Battery Mod 1, Gun fire control system mod 1, Main
    Battery Mod 3, Propulsion mod 1, Steering gear mod 2, and Concealment mod

    It was fully upgraded with all premium consumables

    Running into islands…. First island was an accident, but second one was
    collision by auto avoidance thingy where I was pressing down on D key but
    it turned left anyways. I have to say though fire chance was extremely
    lucky. I do not have Demolition expert but after this game, I really want
    to level my captain to lv20 and get it lol

    thanks again

  29. wow, just wow

    two kraken unleased..though you might like a look at this.

  31. very impressive,thanks for sharing…I am sure he can be excused for “Doing
    at Notser”.

  32. God, the ONLY medal missing is a Double Strike!


    The Udaloi seems to be a sweet spot in the line! Actually because of the
    FAR better concealment, equally potent, but 2 less guns, and FAR more
    useful, faster torpedoes (the stock ones actually do greater damage AND
    have the same 8km range as the upgraded ones! At least according to the
    Wiki which could easily be wrong)

    But yeah, altogether, I feel like the Udaloi MIGHT be the superior ship to
    the Khabarovsk! I know I would MUCH prefer a DD with 7.7km base detection
    over 10km, with the same but 2 less guns (1 less turret) – MORE useful
    torpedoes and, funnily enough, MORE OF THEM! As it has the same setup as
    the Mahan, of 1 center and 1 to either side of the ship for 3 launchers
    total, and in the case of the Udaloi, it launches the SAME amount per

    Also, because it is a tier 9 ship, it has 6 upgrade slots as well! So,
    really, I think I would PROBABLY like the Udaloi FAR more than the

  34. I’ll probably get some hate for saying this, especially in light of this
    exceptional replay *but* I feel like MadLunat1c could actually up his
    gunnery. I noticed many of his HE volleys were aimed at the waterline and
    hit on the hulls of his targets (unless this is a replay bug). I think he
    could do even more damage (not that he really needs to, as evident in this
    video) by aiming his volleys a little bit higher and make more contact with

  35. Mahan has a similar torpedo launcher setup.

  36. Okay – that is one of the more exceptional replays I’ve witnessed!
    MadLunat1c – you scare me, bro! Wow!

  37. Talk about carry the game…and they hardly aimed at him,well,he killed
    them so they couldnt. Great game.

  38. OH! And the North American Server WINS AGAIN!

    According to Jingles, the ONLY way to buy the Mikhail on the EU server is
    to spend 45 British Pounds, which equals $65 US Dollars!

    WE, on the other hand, can buy just the Mikhail, port slot, and 1k gold for
    JUST $50! And for $55 we can buy the ship, slot, 1k gold, 7 days premium,
    and 50x Zulu, Equal Speed Charlie, and India Bravo each, for $10 LESS than
    the ONLY EU bundle!

    Sure, the EU bundle has good value for money, as it does include, according
    to Jingles, 7.5k gold, 30 days premium, the ship, slot, and flags. So if
    you HAVE that kind of money, it is a good value.

    Still, the PLAYERS want to be able to buy JUST the ship! And we, on the NA
    server GET that opportunity! As the $50, 1k gold bundle is only $3 more
    than the Atago alone – so we basically are just buying the ship at that

    were GREAT! I even bought the more expensive one because I wanted the gold
    and flags, and for 1.5k gold and 100 great flags, and 50 decent ones that
    will matter as I get toward tier 10, I only paid a bit less than $6 more!
    As the cheap bundle was $32.99 (which was a HELL of a deal when the tier 7
    Atlanta costs $41.17 when not on sale!) and the more expensive one was
    either $37.99 or $38.99!

    Also, the CHRISTMAS SALES! I FINALLY bought the Atlanta that I have wanted
    since CBT, and more ever since the 127 L38 guns were balanced properly –
    and more still when I was TRYING to train my USN Destroyer captain in the
    Arkansas (LOL), and I got it for JUST $33! Nearly $10 less than the sticker

    So, yeah, World of Warships NA is DEFINITELY on the ball!

  39. That might be, statistically, one of the best WoWS games ever.

  40. WOW! Dude MUST have demolition expert! That or he is just supremely lucky
    with fires!

    Cause the Udaloi has a 7% fire chance, the Blyskwica has 8% and I haven’t
    gotten THAT many fires that quickly yet!

    Though I have landed quite a few double fire salvos now – I will DEFINITELY
    be getting Demolition Expert as my first level 4 skill on my Blyskawica

    I REALLY love that ship! It just, its fantastic! Guns that can deal with
    any target, decent torps with a FAST reload – great accuracy and velocity –
    and perhaps the BEST thing about the guns – the GROUPING! The double gun
    turrets on the Blys are SO CLOSE together that the shots fly perfectly
    together! It’s kind of like the twin torpedo launchers on the
    Minekaze/Fujin – where they always are so close that you land two if any!

    I have been grinding my Aoba the last two days, and I took my Blyskawica
    out last night, got a double strike, a devastating strike, and did 72k
    damage altogether – finished first on my team and survived – and CARRIED
    the victory, as I had capped 2 of our 3 zones single-handedly!

    I never thought I would EVER find a more FUN premium than the Fujin, let
    alone a more fun DESTROYER! But then, the Atlanta is usually as much fun as
    either of those, just in a different way. The Atago is awesome, but not as
    FUN as Blyskawica or Fujin! And sometimes I find the Atlanta more fun even.

    Honestly, apart from the Albany, there is not a SINGLE premium that I own,
    that I would ever even consider parting with – even on the incredibly rare
    chance that I could get gold for selling them! And I own; Arkansas, Yubari,
    Fujin, Murmansk, Atlanta, Blyskawica, and Atago! I have MOST premiums!
    Given the chance though, I wish I had gotten the Gremyashy as well. Though
    VoulezVous says the Blyskawica is basically the Gremmy on Steroids and is
    just a better, more fun destroyer!

    Even then, I still would LIKE to add the Mikhail and the Gremmy given the
    chance – and Tirpitz too though to a lesser degree than the others

  41. Absolute Insane! Kind of a once in a lifetime game. Congratulation! I
    really thought the russian destroyers just wouldn’t find their spot in this
    game. I was sooo wrong!…. I just played the Kiev for the first time. And
    it is real fun! Thumbs up!

  42. Very impressive

  43. when will you have a tier 10 ship?

  44. That was insane! I would love to be able to get fires like that in either
    my Kiev or Fletcher

  45. Totally agree on the premium damage control consumable, Notser. Quite apart
    from the fact it might make the difference between a win and a loss it’s
    likely to pay for itself in reduced repair costs.

    One of the few no-brainers in WoWs IMO.

    Also, that game, holy mother of God…

  46. u should add a requirement for the replays, like needing to run into an
    island at least once

  47. Great game and video Mad! Notser i would love to know what build mad was
    using on his Udeloi. Never seen a game like this before?! ) Kills and 7

  48. So many WOWS replays I see are “good games”. If you’ve played WOWS
    alot and are reasonably skilled, 5-6 kills is a good game. …This replay
    is Epic, one in a thousand. Well Done.

  49. Woot ! Hey Notser challenge accept for do best of MadLunat1c ? ;)

  50. I was grinding the Soviet DDs so hard but then i got to the Ognevoi AND
    they nerfed their damage the day after. Well, everyone that knows about
    Soviet DDs knows about the floating disaster that is the ognevoi !

  51. its not udo-lai, its uda-loi

  52. Ok, WG needs to add new Medal for this guy for getting 9 kills xD. like
    Cthulhu unleashed

  53. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Nice commentary Notser, and so well played for MadLunatic. I have the Kiev
    and looking forward for the Tashkent and the Udaloi (those ships looks and
    are amazing) the only bad is that the Kiev is no longer what it used to be

  54. all I can say is……oh my…..

  55. Lol I’m still playing the Tier 4 Russian garbage. Still a long way grinding
    up to the Kiev. Sad face

  56. “The Tashkent was very very bad”. If you think that you will not like the
    Udaloi. It’s a very similar ship and loses gun turrets just as often. On
    top of that it gets into tier 10 matches most of the time and it has less
    HP than the Tashkent. I actually had a game yesterday in which i
    permanently lost all three of my gun turrets in two salvoes from a Benson.
    I didn’t even lose 5k HP in that encounter. I now only have 90k XP to go
    until i finally reach the Khabarovsk and i honestly won’t miss the Udaloi.

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