World of Warships – Udaloi Hangs On Just Enough

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Udaloi on Hotspot moves to assist a friendly IJN destroyer at the beginning of the match. Unfortunately we get spotted and must pop smoke to retreat. A couple enemy destroyers attempt to take us out, but we are able to harass them enough to cause a retreat. We send torpedoes and find some success on a couple enemy ships. The game is really close until the end, a couple good maneuvers and quick thinking helps us survive until the end. Hope you enjoy this close game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Soviet Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. Working on my way to ARP Myoko, anyone? XD

  2. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    is there a way to turn off steering assist, any time im heading for an
    island it stirs me away from it? it may sound like its there to help me,
    but I have had it with that thing. I’m very aware of where im headed when
    I’m playing this game, I had situations where I was going parallel to
    torpedoes and it just steered me way from the island and my ship slammed
    into the torps, like it is there a way to shut it off, I much rather run
    into island than torps, happened a lot to me for some reason, also when
    there is 2 small islands it doesn’t let me through them even though there
    is more than enough space for it, it makes me fight the steering rather
    than enjoy the game or even play it….

  3. Russian DD needs a bit of distance to engage US DD say about 8kms or more
    because of faster shell velocity and better arc below that US DD has

  4. It’s what I realized about the USSR DDs and that is that these are not solo
    hunters, they are wolf pack ships, a group of 2 or more DDs with a Russian
    DD is incredibly powerful as the enemy can only shoot at one while you’re
    both pounding him.

  5. Life on the edge. Well played , keep them coming.

  6. did i miss the tashkent? or did u skip it

  7. Its weird, but my premium consumables are only available for gold (15) What
    am I doing wrong? I’d prefer using coin

  8. 40k till I get my Yamato then I think its off down the US DD line thanks to
    your vids Notser!

  9. Brian Lock (神通)

    So, can the lock gun to port work for IJN DD, like when you are close to
    enemy ship, lock the gun, then turn back, then start fire around 8km, until
    get out of range?

  10. Notser pulls a fake Notser? What’s this game coming to? SMH. ;)

  11. What is the definition of Seal Clubbing in World of Warships?

  12. That Mogami is pritty bad. At 9km your DD should have been be dead in 1-2

  13. Notser !!!!!! I have the same f…… Fire problem in over 220 hits in My
    Kiev i have 2 fires and i feld that more than 50 to 80 hits on BB get 0 dmg
    !! Wargaming must have a HE bug.. How Can you hit so muck and get 0 dmg.
    And the average dmg is Now 190 but…. Gremi premium ship w same Guns one
    hit is near 300 and with 220 hits you Can recive 6 to 10 FIRES avery game!
    The Russian DD line they heve nurfed to Much not wort to grind more than
    KIEV, beside the US DD are the best in this game…

  14. loved it !! Notser keep up the good work.

  15. I find that Russian DDs captains don’t turn even spotted, they think that
    because they are fast we can’t hit them, well, let me present you my aiming
    skill and the high velocity shell of the Atago and Mogami!
    BTW, I almost get my Kagero, I’ll try to make a replay worth your share…
    the only bas thing is retrain my commander, 16 skills are a pain to retrain
    without doubloons

  16. Have you ever seen a youtuber called flamu? He has some good high tier
    gameplay on various ships that you can maybe learn from, even the Udaloi if
    you have problems with it

  17. Hey Noster, I find incoming fire alert on soviet DDs very useful, as you do
    spend more of the game detected, and because of your speed and great
    turning rate it makes it super easy to dodge shots. Most of the time you
    end up only trying to dodge shoots from targets you can see, ifa warns you
    nicely! Its also very nice for stealthed fire, it goes off before a
    stealthed DD appears when it shoots at you!

  18. The high tier Soviet Destroyers should be grossly outgunning the US DDs.
    The HE nerf just ruined the whole Soviet line. Also 1x fire with 88 HE
    hits?! That is a 1.14% fire chance, which is a bad joke. I have suspended
    my play on the CCCP DDs until they fix them. I am having way too much fun
    with my Benson and my Farragut.

  19. what do you think of preventative maintenance for russian dds?

  20. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    Nice fight. I had a little bad luck with the Fubuki in the last few games
    and got torped. Maybe the most embarassing way for a IJN DD to go out of
    the game. There was just no time to react to the torps (and I was in
    motion). Maybe the decreased torp visibility should lead to a little more
    forward-looking play style …

  21. You are a much better player than I am, but what I find works best for the
    RN DD’s is play them more like a light cruiser, like a small version of a

  22. Actually Notser stopped by that beautiful beach to have a BBQ. Victory
    party time ;-)

  23. is it only me or commie dds should only invisfire?? imo torps should only
    be used on small maps

  24. These kind of battles, when we as a team have to fight hard for the win are
    by far the most exciting ones in my opinion. Great game and video Notser!
    Thank you! :)

  25. achh so..vee heff been computing most of your games unt vee have noted zat
    you heff been looking to decieve heff been leaving parts of your
    ships on isolated islands hoping zat the people there vill post them to
    your home address… You are trying to ezzcape unt vee vill not stand for
    it … lol

  26. “Im gonna slam into the island, just to say i did” Nice try Notser, making
    us think it was intentional. We know Notser, we know.

  27. the real question is, can you keep the streak for no collisions going?
    Don’t let us down Notser.

  28. A hair raising experience to be sure Noster! Great job. Bravo Zulu as we
    say in the Navy. :)

  29. I thought I would regret selling my Udaloi once the Kabab was unlocked but
    man, what a beast of a ship that thing is. Good luck on the grind!

  30. I knew it was worth staying up,just to see your vid.
    very close game,very nice commentary as well.

  31. Hey Notser. would say a good DD player, in a bad ship.. us and ijn DD seems
    alot better. have a nice day aswell :)

  32. very well played

  33. very well played

  34. Seriously dude… how do you train your captains so fast that they have 5th
    skill? I am still faw away even with my “oldest” captains :´/

  35. hi notser. i am from the asia sever. i am having a bad luck downloding
    patch, just dunno whats happening and the launcher just won’t start
    downloading. Can you suggest why?

  36. The first comment :)

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