World of Warships – Udaloi Uda Yes!

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on Mountain Range moves out toward B point to capture or contest. Enemy shows up and the enemies push C point, I just try to push back against the enemy destroyer. Friendlies are behind me for support, I get a good angle on the enemy destroyer. The enemies try to counter attack, I move to help the team fight back. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. CynicallyObnoxious

    I like how my Udaloi is magically fucking stock again

  2. and my captain is forced to move over to tashkent

  3. “i wish i could smoke them so hard” -Notser, 2017 6:49

  4. Sebastian Teister

    You usually don’t see from inside smoke as well do you?

  5. Anchorman is the only lame-humorous movie my gf likes.

  6. I hope they didn’t slow the ROF way down, I like my Udaloi almost more than my Khaba… I’ll know tonight!

  7. You seen the French cruisers Notser??

  8. My 19-point Udaloi commander is now my 19-point fucking Trashcant commander. My Udaloi (my second most played Tier IX with over 400k elite XP) is now stock, and my 400k elite XP is now going toward the Khabarovsk I have owned for the last 9 months. Oh, and my 19-point Kiev commander is now commanding a gimped Leningrad which requires a completely different commander skillset. So basically WG is trying to extort at least 1000 doubloons to un-fuck the mess they made. I am not impressed.

  9. Ok, WG WOWS Devs. Logic enhance with Pure Real Ruski Vodka
    1. 2100 HE, way too strong, need to tune it down to 1800. Increase the rof in no meaningful way except Yugumo. “Now IJN DD has equilvent gun power compare to other DD tier to tier” not word to word quote but this is from a official patch note.
    2. “Ruskie DD burn everything at range with impunity, but they don’t deal enough damage, especially when dealing with other DD, so absoluetly need to beef up the HE damage so they are more competative.” not word to word but quote from official patch note.
    Any problem? Ye….Nah, just don’t send me to gulag.
    IJN DD are very competitive in rank claim by WG (Tier 7 is the best IJN DD tier to tier minus tier 5 premium).
    March 3rd Q&A
    Q: Any buff to IJN DD?
    A: No, you player are playing them wrong, you incompetent player drag the stat, stop asking for buff, play it correctly.
    I would glad if WG twitch stream the “correct” way to play IJN DD, of course with “competent” player as they claim.

  10. we dont all know the krispy cream, no one bought one

  11. Ships are always referred to as she not he tut tut BAD Notser! xD

  12. Pretty obvious why russian DDs certainly need buffing. They are too average to compete with other ships ;P

  13. Udaloi is nice but Khaba is even better

  14. Who’s Burgundy? owo

  15. Now I get to grind 330,000 exp in the Udaloi AGAIN. Thank God I had the Khaba already.

  16. You know if you double tap HE or AP you can reload with out having to fire your weapons. i am not sure if its new i just stumbled across it this weekend by accident but it saves alot of time for me

  17. Hey Notser, do a Texan accent next time.

  18. Katori, Noster

  19. Run the Taskent next! Mine is magically back to stock but I just had a 90k damage match. That’s 89k higher than my best in the old trash can. It seemed way better.

  20. Notser, what skilling do you recommend for a 16pts-captain on the Udaloi?

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