World of warships – ULTIMATE DAKKA DAKKA dakka dakka dak…..

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Here is the ULTIMATE dakka dakka ship in whole of WoWS.
Is it good, is it bad, is it balanced, is it worth it?
You be the judge, but bare in mind it is work in progress.


  1. Thanks for the great vids!

  2. thx for the gr8 videos

  3. lol that was a good one XD

  4. Jesus christ

  5. Wargaming gimmi this ship NOW ffs…

  6. that DAKA DAKA is just insane 😀

  7. the new & improved Khabarovsk?

  8. it’s like you’re playing with 3 clumsy DDs at the same time… i think that if you get a kraken reload time will break the game eheh

  9. Battle starts…enemy team chat “Don’t shoot the Harugumo….you’ll just make it worse”

  10. Madcap Magician

    We cannot repel firepower of that magnitude!

  11. That baby crying part killed me haha

  12. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Minotaur – Worcester – Harugumo
    I will call it the DDD or Triple D
    *Dakka Dakka Division…*

  13. Richard Hutchings

    13:34 I’M MELTING!!!!

  14. “with slight adrenaline rush…”

    Hold my beer

  15. This thing at 1 HP + Adrenaline Rush + BFT + Reload upgrade + Yamamoto + Kraken = do the guns even reload? They might as well be a literal laser that just keeps on melting enemies very slowly.

  16. I need Yamamotto + karken gameplay in this ship

  17. Makes me think if Yamamoto and AR combined will break the game. Ehh, you can’t do now as you won’t get achievements LOL. Wait for it to be finalised

  18. MalevolentFiber

    Too bad I’ll never get it since I don’t wanna spend $60 on a ship

  19. That enemy grozovoi learnt the real meaning of desperate

  20. Oh, it’s _beautiful._

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