World of Warships – Umbrella of Doom – Bismarck

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One the Bismarck’s best features and funnest ways to play the ship is full secondary build. You wind up with a 10.5km umbrella of doom, your secondaries working over anybody who dare come so close.

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  1. Qckslvrslash, i think the 1st screenshot is wrong. it says des moines but the battle was of bismarck. But good commentary as always.

  2. Very nicely played. I’ve researched the Bismarck, but not bought it as i was thinking i’d maybe get it for free in the upcomming campaign. However, as much as I was saving the silver for the Yammy, I might just go ahead and buy the Bis so I can say I earned her the old fashioned (and hard) way!
    I can still do the campaign and get the cash back after all

  3. Ingo Cernohorsky

    Mom, im in TV :-)Thx for posting my replay.Yes, the Bismarck is skilled on Secondaries incl manuel Firecontrol. Here is the correct 1st screenshot:

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