World of Warships — Uncarriable: Thunderer (pre-nerf)

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Live commented Thunderer gameplay I forgot I had. I’ll be uploading more soon, I promise 😉 just taking it easy with Warships as of now.
Interested in the game?


  1. Anders Landøy Solli

    Yay! My favourite content creator has uploaded some more Content for me to Consume

  2. off to a crackin’ start!

  3. ‘I’m just taking a break from WoW…”

    don’t anybody tell him that the subs are out. might send him over the edge.

  4. Always the high quality videos, nice!

    Edit: Ori spider cave soundtrack fits nicely

  5. You’re trolling us poor Thunderer owners, Robin – it’s been nerfed twice since you played that match. We can only dream of that kind of range now.

  6. the secret to high dmg game is when your team is losing, and you can kite away, spamming HE and stay alive as long as possible and hope the game does not end quick.

  7. Been a while mate!

  8. Hes back!!! yes finally some great wows content to watch again

  9. Finally!!!!! Oh God, really miss u bud.. 🕺

  10. I am like what?! When did this happen? Great to see a BB vid from you, Robin after a long time. Is this before deadeye removal?

  11. My WR in general 59%. My WR in Thunderer: 33% I am just to dumb to play that thing.

    To Robin: Your taste in music is unrivaled in content regarding this game.

  12. Robin, in all honesty not you could have tried Yama for a change, and also you also owe us a Worcester Legendary Mod game.
    And yes thunderers are fine lol XD

  13. 5:00 situation sums it up. Half of the team stuck in A with a fraction of a brain in total. 3 destroyers doing absolutely nothing. Of course despite doing nothing the whole group managed to die earlier. Shima position at 12:00 shows his true potential.

  14. Welcome back Robin. A pleasure after days and days of losses in a row. The harder i try, the better i play, the more i invest the dumber the team or worse the matchmaking gets and i still lose. It is like i am cursed over the recent days, no more fun. Kinda glad to see even super unicoms like you get matches like this 🙂

  15. Outbound Flight Gaming

    5 mil potential, 340k+ damage and 2800 base on a loss.
    Absolutely painful loss

  16. some good content on a Saturday morning to relax to

  17. Finally…had been waiting long for sum interesting content

  18. You ended by saying see me next time… please don’t make me wait so long pal. 😁

  19. Today’s my birthday and you finally upload. Thanks for the gift

  20. It’s always a good day when Robin uploads.

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