World of Warships – Uncle Sam

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Heading off to London Super Comic Con for the weekend and World of Warships just updated to version 0.5.3! Therefore this World of Warships video has absolutely *nothing* to do with that. Because reasons.


  1. As an American I can confirm that the St. Louis it is indeed powered by
    apple pie and it shoots baseballs.

  2. Anyone else still stoked that Jingles and Rita are together?

  3. I must ask, when, if ever, will u do another air soft video? I’m new so if
    some reason exists then fair enough. just really enjoyed them.

  4. Mech “Winter” Zilla

    If you think it’s OP now, you should have seen it in beta. It took “making
    it rain” to a whole new level of ROFLstomping.

  5. love ur videos man, thx

  6. Its a good ship if you know how to angle your armor and use the map to
    limit who can shoot at you, and maneuver enough to make DD have headaches
    trying to hit you. I take these out all the time in my Umikazi.

  7. Zdrack eh? He’s something of a regular on PointyHairedJedi’s channel by
    now. I remember a Kuma replay a few months back from this guy…

  8. Its not Fueled with pie, ITS FEULED WITH FREEDOM!!!!!

  9. Jingles, it’s powered by fast food, not Apple pie 

  10. the Kolberg is better it fires faster but has two less guns on each side I
    can get 200 hits every game with it.

  11. Its WoW!

  12. Is it just me or are BBs the Artillery of this game? High damage, long
    reload, low acuricy.

  13. That Schrader look alike But not

    i must say, this is a very old replay. anyone else notice that he did not
    get an Unleash the Kraken award?! oh jingles at least u tried to give some
    wows content :)

  14. I feel for that Battleship driver to the end, that happens too often. SHOOT
    and WHAT THE F*£k i missed!!?

  15. Was anyone else hoping he was going to get the kill at the last second?

  16. Cmon Jingles, Get off this St Louis crap, A competent Carolina driver will
    destroy a St Louis pretty handedly.But as you say, you dont play
    battleships, So I wont put much stock in what you say on the subject.
    Cheers Vasi

  17. Saint Louis UP, plz give it the BB repair consumable XD

  18. Get the 20% range skill and feast on the tears of your enemies.

  19. That poor, bloody Kawachi, I know his pain.

  20. There is a competitor for the St. louis. The Koleberg is the German Tier 3
    and it can compete against the St. Louis

  21. The Paranoidmonkey show

    and thats why i dont play battleships in world of battleships????

  22. “I have it on reliable authority that the St. Louis, is actually fueled by
    apple pie.”


  23. the guns on the kawachi are way to inaccurate

  24. Oi! Lord Jingles? Seems like it’s been awhile since your last TOG video,
    yeah? Maybe you could scrounge one together sometime after you return? It’d
    be good for morale, sir.

  25. St. Louis OP? I have just started playing this game 2 weeks ago so my
    opinion probably doesn’t mean much but I never have had a Problem against
    this ship (Playing german and japanese cruisers)

  26. Tenryu > St.Derpis

  27. As I see this is old replay

  28. ThatOneChelseaFan #KTBFFH

    R.I.P : Jingles playing WoT

  29. Bloody that it’s game warships again

  30. He is doing nice in begining, but boy is he one lucky SOB later! Why cant i
    have his luck some times!!?? :P


    Haha! I’m from St. Louis. Big smile on my face! GO CARDS!

  32. I don’t think ships run on apple pie.

  33. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the St. Louis…I loved the damage
    output, but I like speed as my armor, so the Phoenix was a welcome
    upgrade… I love that ship.

  34. I’d have liked to have seen the post game stats on this, well played with
    some questionable tactics there….but a win is a win

  35. Zoutsteen from Holland

    WG improved WoT arty gameplay and called it WoW.

  36. Ähm Jingles, to be fair and judging by the interface, this version of the
    game is very old! Battleships got a dispersion buff at close range! At this
    kind of range the Myogi was engaging the St. Luis, if you aim correctly,
    the Myogi would have killed the St. Luis in the current version of the game.
    But nice video anyway. Keep it on and don’t send me to long to the salt
    mines for criticising you and not being the perfect English writer, its not
    my first language. I will go down on my knees and say sorry to you, my lord
    of evil, mighty of the mightiest. Have fun at London Super Comic Con!

  37. The St Louis the TOG II of World of Warships

  38. Yayyy! For the first time in weeks, Jingles features an American ship! And
    what a replay it was too. Holy shit.

  39. Actually Jingles they changed the Matchmaking in 5.3 so that you cant
    seelclub in Lowtiergames with the St. Luis anymore. So your Video deals
    with a Problem that 5.3 adresses. …. Jingles?

  40. As reported in Mingles 136, has Jingles filed a dispatch on the success or
    failure of the Valentine’s day manurers yet?

  41. wow this is old replay…and i am pretty sure this is pre battleships buff

  42. St lou isn’t actually OP for T3 cruiser. Actually I’ve been figuring by
    playing them, that the Tenryuu is actually better if you’re an experienced
    player. It has almost 80% of the firepower on the guns (fewer guns, but
    notably faster ROF), torps, and a lot of speed.

  43. The Kawachi is notoriously inaccurate, the spread is horrendous but given
    that it leads on to the Kongo, Fuso, Nagato, Amagi and Yamato it is
    bearable. Much more rewarding than the American BB line from the South
    Crapolina that leads on to the Wyoming or the Wyno AA, the New York, New
    Missico, Crapolado and North Straddlina.

  44. Steve “Weapons Engineer” Archer

    I went through the battleships to get to the carriers, worst grind since
    getting my ELC.

  45. Where is the “That bloody boad game again” comment? o0

  46. It’s got more range the the kawachi

  47. Well that was not a replay I expected to see after this long haha. Back in
    the glory days of the St Louis right after the ap nerfs. As for the end, I
    was well within detection range even if I didn’t fire my guns, so there was
    no point not to. All I had to really pay attention to was trying to dodge
    his shells, and then he overturned his rear turrets after his second shot
    so I didn’t have to even try anymore.

  48. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    Kawachi, gun dispersion at 100m is 0.37ly

  49. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    not fo4 video ever?

  50. The St. Louis is a very good ship to keep your signal flags in order :p

  51. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    Now it just needs a KV-1 Sport ??

  52. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    That bloody boat game has its very own T18 “seal clubber”

  53. Ah. Cup of coffee and a Jingles video. Thanks for making my mornings great

  54. That Kawachi guy had big mouth, but his mistake was shot all guns at once
    in salvo, instead of shoting one turret after one on nearly dead St.Louis.
    That way he could hit more often than with salvo, as targeting system of
    all turrets in this case makes spread bigger(turret distance), and it wasnt
    necessary at all.

    S.Carolina isnt bad ship. It works well until you meet tiers 4-5 where your
    range and speed sucks, but i had plenty of good games in it, even lowtier.

  55. jingles please turn on HP bars and ship names. its hard to see whats going

  56. that bluudi bööt gaime

  57. Arrrr! Ready yer’ personal floatation devices!

    We go hunt in’ for ships today!

    “…but sir, I don’t want to be a pirate…”


  58. I’ll bet on a South Carolina over a St. Louis anytime. The “OPness” of St.
    Louis is quite overstated. Rather, it’s a ship with a low skill floor, so
    any chucklenut who knows how to point-and-click will perform to some degree
    of success in it. However, once you get someone with sufficient skill in
    these ships the South Carolina will dominate.

  59. I thouhht T32 is uncle sam

  60. Stop using different names dammit, your confusing us

  61. What an end! He really deserved to win this. But Jingles at the end it
    didn’t made a difference if he would have stopped firing, as the cover of
    the island was his only option. The distance to the South Carolina was
    9.5km (in this view of the replay the real distance is even a bit less) and
    the detection range of the St. Louis is 11km. So stopping firing would just
    enforce the South Carolina to come right to him (he should have done it
    So firing or not firing comes to the result, that not firing would be bad,
    as he would have missed to make some damage while he could.

  62. Jingles! it seems, through your videos, you live close to Bovington, and
    considering what kind of videos you do, and considering Bovington has a
    TANK museum, is this a coincidence?

  63. hey Jingles it Big Macs and coca-cola thank you very much

  64. Good old St.Louis, fat, tough and can throw some nice sequencial punches.
    The thing is if you know how to play it, you know how to kill it and when
    to give it more priority. People just go trigger happy and tunnel vision
    all the time and doing that inside a St.Loius’ range is just SPECIAL but
    won’t even qualify you to the Special Olympics.

  65. I have noticed throughout this video that he fires over islands. How do you
    do this?

  66. i like how he said that it’s fueled with Apple pie while Apple pie is
    invented in the Netherlands

  67. I am not surprised at the hit rate of the Kawachi there. That thing
    is……….. godawful. When I played it a remember firing at a destroyer
    at truly point blank range. Less than 2 kilometres. Everything split. I
    was….. amazed and decided to go for the free XP route because well ***k
    the Kawachi

  68. The st. luis might be tough but it’s not impossible scoring citadels on
    her. With a cruiser yes, I agree but with a battleship, it’s possible
    without too many problems.

  69. Ahem Actually Jingles apple pie was invented by and English Chap in 1381

  70. It’s only slow because massive balls causes drag.

  71. Jingles, more Warships please!

  72. The Kawaii ship is garbage af

  73. I have a question. I just started playing WoT, and I went the Soviet Tank
    Destroyers route, however I don’t really enjoy it, and I fucking suck at
    playing them. Any advise on either how to improve on those, or what nation
    or tank type I should try?
    For now I dropped Tank Destroyers and tried Soviet Mediums and Lights, and
    I’m not all awful at them, any advise?

  74. Jingles, you should really start calling it “Kawaiichi”.

    All it is, is cute.

  75. Yeah thats the kawachi a blind would be better

  76. Oh god it is that boat game again…

  77. I am sad cause now I have to wait till Mingles with Jingles for my Jingles
    fix :(.

  78. Jingles whats up with Ritas blog? why is it deleted?

  79. “fueled by apple pie”

    This is why I love Jingles’ vids so much. =D

  80. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I think the problem at the end of the match is that the St Louis has a
    LONGER range than the South Carolina… and also more health, lol.

  81. That bloody ship game again! XD

  82. I absolutely adore my St. Louis.

  83. sixstringsamurai007

    Apple Pie is English, as in from England. Shouldn’t you know this?

  84. luca Mattioli (Videogameboss99)

    Plz make more Armored Warfare videos plz

  85. i need some more of that blody alien shooter game

  86. Jingles, talk about Naval Action already.

  87. Well…that “circle and fire constantly tactic” is also possible with the
    I’ve got better results with my Kolberg than with the St. Luis…
    Still by now i dont know the reason… xD

  88. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    How about another world of TOG video
    Haven’t seen one in a while

  89. When he was shooting at that last battleship he was well in detection
    range, so no harm shooting him anyway. I think the range of St.Louis guns
    is around 10km and it can be detected at about 11km…?

  90. do naval action

  91. Why is jingles play with quicky and circon

  92. You have the audacity to not update us on 0.5.3! Jingles, why!?


  94. That quote ‘ bend over and grab your ankles and kiss your ass good bye’ XD
    love it!

  95. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    damn you jingles that isnt xcom2. next time i wont come out of the mines if
    you dont put up an xcom 2 video.

  96. hey jingles im a big fan of your channel. will you put any more wot blitz
    videos out?

  97. Jingles you there? what happened to the call of duty gameplay?

  98. You know what this game needs? Amphibious tanks.

  99. Please tell us how to use the new Captain skills!!!

  100. p.s thanks for the videos

  101. can you talk about unfair tear 6 vs 4 why do we always have tear 10 vs 8

  102. and that is why i dont play WOWs

  103. Still my favorite ship Jingles always have fun in the St Louis and come
    away a big smile. The circle of death is always a surprise to the others.

  104. Jingles, have you been to the imperial war museum in london?

  105. To me, the S:t Louis is a reversed battlecruiser. A battle cruiser is fast,
    has a few big guns and bad armor. The S:t Louis is slow, has many medium
    guns and very good armor. And Jingles, at that range a S:t Louis is visible
    even without fireing it’s guns.

  106. kawachi=kawaii

  107. that is why I gave up on this game….useless low tier
    battleships…….and when you eventually get to mid tier you get hammered
    by invisible destroyers ( ffs I can see the smoke screen ,I see the tracers
    but I can do nothing about it)…..I can find something better (or maybe
    just less frustrating) to do….still love the videos….keep up the good
    work Jingles

  108. My stats on St Louis, Dresden and Kolberg between 61 and 70 % WR.
    Survivability is even bigger. Max damage caused by the Louis is 85.375 !!
    What a ship. The Dresden is the new seal clubber. 2 kills per battle
    average, 63500 damage. So yes, the Louis is a battleship and the Dresden is
    a drone with guns

  109. Liam the dark angel.

    “heading up to London” jingles you’re in Manchester you numpty, you’re
    going down to London XD

  110. Kawachi is the WORST ship in the game…

  111. Its that bloody ship game again

  112. The Kawachi… yeah, the only reason it even hits the same post code it
    aims at is because it can’t fire out of it.

  113. Battleships are like the Death star in wot but with: dead gunner, broken
    gun, dead loader, dead commander, busted engine and painted fully red with
    a massive here i am hotline with the enemy team… I am really looking
    forward to the wows esports;)

  114. Oh hell that bloody tank game again…. Oh no wait, … my bad

  115. Oh good. It’s my favorite boat game.

  116. They really need a WoWSReplays already.
    Oh, there is…kinda. wowreplays

  117. Reason’s Alway’s Reasons….

  118. That battleship missing shots like that is why I stopped playing WoWs.

  119. Ah, it’s that shippy blood game again!

  120. Hi Jingles, a lot of the viewers are still sticking to WoT only, so it
    would help if you can make reference to WoT when making WT/AW/WoW videos,
    like “Yamato—-JPE100 in WoT”, etc.

  121. Jingles im really glad your getting to be a bigger youtuber. Love your
    videos. Your sense of humor is the WORST in the BEST way (Just like mine)
    Thanks for the great content. And I really mean it;)

  122. You coming back to Naval Action any time soon Mr Jingles? There is an
    almighty battle in the Western Caribbean between the British and the
    Americans. The Royal Navy needs every capital ship it can get.

  123. No results screen JINGLES

  124. That’s why it’s so slow (The crew eat more apple pie then they throw into
    the fire) Quickly chief stoker more pies in the fire

  125. I remember playing that Battleship….NEVER AGAIN!!!

  126. Next video can you find out or guess what the Royal Navy tech tree will be

  127. An absolut champ !!!

  128. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    Is the st.louis OP? no. It really depends on the person behind the
    keyboard. A good bb or cruiser cap will decimate a st.louis,tier 3 or not.
    Especially after .5.3 update were AFT skill no longer affects 152mm guns.

  129. the enemy south carolina even said in chat you deserve to win this battle

  130. 1358th

  131. sooo, the saint louise is basically the “Strong Tenk” of World of warships

  132. Some say the St. Louis is sooo american, it makes Jingles speak in a
    hillbilly accent… Some say the St. Louis is sooo american, instead of a
    signal horn, it just has another cannon for warning sounds… Some say the
    St. Louis is sooo american, it’s life boats are stuffed with blueberry
    pancakes and root beer for a 2 weeks
    Ok I stop it now, check out my channel ;-)


  134. When i realize you like mechwarrior online. Have you ever heard of hawken?
    Its a fantastic game that suffered when it launched into open beta from a
    poor playerbase. Maybe you could try it and hopefully bring some publicity
    to it.

  135. what happend to rita’s blog?

  136. he got 5 kills so must be older replay as he wood have kracken unlesherd

  137. The Amazing Spoderman

    Bout damn time Jingles I was getting all depressed No Jangles No

  138. actually jingles apple pie is not even american

  139. I had a match in the emden where I got like 5 kills and the match literally
    ended on the last possible second. That was a fun match, and this game
    reminded me of that

  140. I love the low tier ships with plenty of guns… sail in a circle just
    spamming away with like a 100+ hit streak going on. haha

  141. does someone know why i can t upload videos to wot replays

  142. FIRST!!! ?

  143. the shells are filled with a high explosive composition of freedom

  144. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Oh St. Louis, if anything might get me to play World of Warships again, it
    might be you.

  145. jingles go to bed

  146. Its that bloddy boat game again

  147. I like turtles.

  148. dislike , no more Autist ships

  149. Fueled by apple pie 🙂 I would have said Jesus Juice and hot dogs :)

  150. I would comment “that bloody boat game again” but it was already comented..

  151. Jingles you minx, not that bloody boat game again.

  152. One has to wonder when Jingles will run out of Closed Beta replays.

  153. 446 views.
    Ok then.

  154. oh no, not this bloody boat game again

    Im on the weird side of youtube again lol

    should do my homework right now, what am I doing with my life?

    lyk if u watch in 2016

  155. I bloody love thesevids!

  156. >9 minutes ago

  157. its 3 am here I need sleep, oh look it’s that bloody boat game.

  158. Jingles could you get a few more intros for all of your games? it would be
    really cool if we could have a random intro every time we click on a video,
    I mean… for world of tanks videos I kinda miss the king tiger coming
    together and firing. if we could occasionally get that, that would be

  159. (●–●) I’m baymax your health care companion

  160. Oh great jingles opens his mouth about the St. Louis being OP that means
    that wargaming are gonna nerf it oh jingles don’t ever change

  161. not this boat game agian

  162. Против Глобал

    But you promised a Challenger 2 video. :(

  163. The 1500th video and its that bloody ship game again! Thank you for all the
    laughs sir.

  164. First dislike!

  165. jingles any chance of u doing a wot test server video next weak??

  166. Thought you were about to showthe Albany, pew. That thing has shit all over
    its poop deck!

  167. Hey, Jingles! I love your videos, and I’d like to thank you for your
    dedication in making quality stuff – we want nothing more than your smooth,
    suave English banter. Always nice to see that ‘bloody boat game’ as well…
    although I could also say, “It’s that bloody Jingles again!”

  168. :-[ no more videos

  169. Pavel Mičan (SirGlorg)

    +The Mighty Jingles I’d like to be famous and mentioned in video, because I
    deserve it for no reason what so ever.

  170. Fuck the police.

  171. Yaay for ‘that damned ship game’ again :)

  172. hi jingles

  173. it`s another world of armoured xcom thunder video

  174. 37th viewer

  175. Yay it’s the bloody boat game! More plz

  176. 9th viewer…
    Show your power level

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