World of Warships – Unconventional

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In which Spinnaker takes the USS out for a spin with a somewhat unconventional and probably highly controversial loadout…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Morning jingles and everyone else although I haven’t slept yet

  2. jeova0sanctus0unus

    Reeeeee He does something differently than i do, therefore he is clearly an idiot reeeeeeee

  3. He’s doing the Yuro build, nothing wrong with it =))

  4. I’v actually scene people use this before. It’s defiantly not that weird to be honest. What is weird is that he isn’t taking Hydro over DAA.

    • I agree, besides Yuro and other YouTubers have used this load-out before…………………
      Battle On!

    • Range mod is pretty much pointless. After like 15km your shells are so floaty that it doesnt matter. I agree the radar would have helped more (mostly because the DDs at A would have been dead) but he spotted the Montana, Conqueror and Moskva at A with the planes and spotted torpedoes for his team so they coudl avoid them. But taking range on Des Moines is silly 15km is more than enough the DPM mod is a much better choice.

    • Depends on which server he plays, EU server has enough High Tier CV´s to make DAA a valid choice. (i run it on my HIndenburg and she drinks the tears of every CV that crosses her.)

    • “seen” there you go, ya seen a few people use this build too, I don’t think DDA over Hydro is odd, its spotter over radar that makes me go ok…

  5. I gotta do this more often.

    2:30 in the morning? All worth it to get dat sweet Jingles 11 minutes after it’s posted.

  6. 27th closest Ive been to first. Well back to the salt mines.

  7. If Yuro did it, no one can say anything anymore.

    • I was going to say… Jingles makes it sound like this is something new when Yuro did this many moons ago and to great effect. It’s not a dumb move, it just makes your role as a non-radar DM different.

    • History Gaming Verified

      It’s especially nasty when you use the supercontainer upgrade for spotter planes. I am actually running this on my Gneisenau and damn, I am killing DDs left and right with it…

    • Edgar James Laron

      As long as it works, it ain’t stupid.

    • Maximeme teampley.

  8. Unconventional eh? So that means either ramming, people being nice, or teamwork. What? It’s an online game.

  9. Montana Spotted at 2:23
    Aircraft launched at 3:04
    Jingles claims the Montana was un spotted at 3:30>>>
    Not even close Jingles.

    • well he is saying that the montana was spottet on the other side side of the smoke

    • He was not spotted at 3:10 till he used his spotter plane (rather, he was then went invisible then spotted again by plane)

    • The Montana was spotted by someone else. When the Des Moines launched the spotters, the Montana was at 14.3 and the spotters are to the port side of the his ship. Planes only have a 11 km view range. Ergo, Montana had previously shot her main battery guns and got spotted by other ships. My guess is that either the friendly DD in B or (more likely) the friendly BB off to port and behind the Des Moines (friendly Montana) was responsible for spotting that Montana.

    • See the BB at G3 in the map, he’s spotting it.

    • Also, did you know that UuS cruiser can’t equip hydro? 😀

  10. 406mm shells can actually overmatch the Des Moines’ bow, unfortunately. There’s no part of the ship other than the turrets and the armor belt that can bounce anything bigger than 15 inch guns.

    • Probably An Oreo yep, you’ve got to angle in and not just point the bow at the enemy unless you want them to overmatch the bow and pierce right through the citadel.

  11. I spied more than one moment when RADAR would have been far more useful than the spotter aircraft.

  12. And, uh, US cruisers can equip hydro.

    • Yep, hydro and radar always on Des Moines. Cruisers keep away from Des Moines all game long and only come after you during the end game if they have full squadrons and you are low healts, so defensive fire is useless as you already have all the AA distroyed and they will get you.

    • Unless there is a Midway that feels adventurous and realizes that you don’t have DFAA because he will delete you with one or two squadrons of AP dive bombs. balans comrade.

  13. Looks like hes not running the Spotter Plane Upgrade for longer duration. Which is too bad, because the upgrade give the planes like a 2 minute loiter time. This is one step shy of Yuro’s meme build.

    Imma be honest Im more triggered by his lack of AP usage against broadside ships… Super Heavy AP is not to be ignored.

  14. Rakuza Redbar_Hax

    You can Blame Yuro/Euro-Senpai. Kek

  15. 9:55 Technically Jingles, shipboard guns fire steel projectiles, not lead. Just to be pedantic about things. 😛

  16. Spotter plane DM = damage stat padding.

  17. I dont have a problem with hos consumable choices. Constant abuse of the scroll wheel and map key are a different matter, however.

  18. Des Moines alongside the Tier IX Baltimore and Tier VIII New Orleans (New Orleans to a lesser extent from my experience) are capable of brawling against ships with guns that are firing up to 15″ AP shells. The bow is so ridiculously sharply angled you could slice tomatoes with that thing, but because it’s a heavy cruiser it carries enough weight behind it to not be overmatched by cruiser or battlecruiser guns.

    My favorite thing to do in a Baltimore is to slow down to 1/4 speed and go bow on towards Bismarcks and Tirpitzes, because most of them figure that firing AP at the bow should work, but it doesn’t with the high tier American cruisers because their guns are only 15″ (380mm).

    • You can’t do that with a New Orleans. It’s coated in 25mm armor, which is overmstched by anything larger than 14inch guns – 358mm and up overmatch. Which is one of the reasons why the NO is so squishy – all battleships T8 and up (plus a lot of T7 and even some T6) will overmatch them. The Tirpitz & Bismarck included.

  19. 15:02 2 Fires and activates AA xD

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