World of Warships – Under Pressure

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There are two things to pay attention to in todays video. First, a quite frankly shocking amount of damage done in a battleship. Second, or losing can often come down to a single bad call made under pressure at a critical moment.

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  1. Great job my mighty evil overlord!!! as always

  2. Ah it’s nice being an overseer in the salt mines, I get to rest whenever a WoW or WoT video comes out

  3. Queen singing to the title of this video

  4. This is one hell of a cringe worthy replay… This guys’ target choice is all over the map. 10 minutes in and he’s left two full broadside BB’s for angled cruisers that are further away….. Triggered is not the word…

    • welcome to low tier MM.

    • the endless urge to try scoring citadels and big numbers.

    • Paul griffith exactly

    • He could have easily won if he didn’t decide to go so slow away from the two BBs at the end.

    • Precisely. His team wasn’t gonna get points from C so it was literally irrelevant weather he reset them or not, once the leander was dead his first priority should have been taking billy big steps in the other direction and getting angled better, yes a bayern cna overmatch your stern, but presenting the angle he did made him a bigger target and he took significantly more hits as a result, that meant he died sooner and that cost them the game right there.

      COnversely the independence that went for the ram was dead eithi way, with the enemy CV air spotting him the fuso could hit him whichever way he went.

  5. Jingles at 18:00 Sirderp’s Arizona can’t train his front guns on the Bayern, and can’t maneuver because he ran aground. He did the best he could under the circumstances.

    • Emil Kollakowski

      TBH he never used his damage control, not once he extinguished his fire he kept using his heal. That’s first mistake and a noob one at that

    • joshua rickwood he did that once to spread the resets.

      After that, 3 and 4 turret were on the low Bayern, 1 and 2 on the healthy one because angles.

    • His poor map awareness really lost him the game. He threw the game just as much as he carried it.

    • Søren Vesterlund you turn off the terrain avoidance. Having it on steers your ship into islands.

    • if he’d turned to avoid beaching, he’d have exposed more of his broadside. Probably been citadeled and died even sooner.

  6. Sir Derp, better than Sir Dave

  7. Stuff And Nonsense

    that Ryujo can’t have been out of aircraft. Those 3 strike squadrons idling in the middle of the map lategame had to be from a dead carrier, and the Independence on the enemy team was still alive. So, that Ryujo decided to just go into the middle of the map well within spotting range of most surviving friendly ships.

  8. Target choices were less than ideal.
    Should have continued to fire on the Fuso and should have risked the broadside against that bayern.

    But he didn’t.

  9. To be fair, in order to get more guns on the low health Bayern he would have had to show more side to the first Bayern and that would be a loss still.

    • Mirasolov Klose they could overmatch his armor so what would it hurt to do it

    • PoisoningShadow671

      Sure, while the bow/stern would be overmatched, showing more side still means a larger target profile, so easier to hit, and then the side armor itself may become pennable, also meaning possible citadels, so double rip.

  10. What kind of person dislike a video like this they must be from the other team warspite .

  11. Dont understand why he kept burning and didn’t use his repair kit to put out the fire towards the end. Yes he would have most certainly been lit ablaze again. But it would have prolonged things long enough to have been able to use the repair kit again.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      c koch – at that point I would have saved it as well. He can’t turn or the Bayern will kill him and you have to expect the bombers are on the way. I do agree with Jingles though, 1 BB shooting at you is better than 2.

  12. No matter what pressure ur under, your primitive motive to kill the weakest enemy should prevail. I would’ve done that in my own Arizona. That Bayern had enough health to die in one salvo.

  13. At a certain pointin wows, ya gotta stop farming damage and start getting kills. Map awareness lost this battle.

  14. All right and so on. But Jingles as u said: the only thing he had to do was to sink one of the bayerns and win the game. That seperates the good from the unicum players. Acknowledge these situations and act accordingly. Another hint: never trust your teammates if u wanna win ;). On the other hand I never saw such a high DMG game in an Arizona. So gg in that regard 😉

    • andreas pedersen

      Lets say it so: he did an awesome game, and it wasn’t his fault that they lose… You can be as strong as you want to be, but you can’t carry too many potatoes

    • AtotheK 101 Holy shit can u stop with that unicum circlejerk

    • He had done the correct thing … to kill the low HP Bayern, he’d have to turn the ship to use his front turrets … imagine what that would have done to his survivability … he’d be dead before the Bayern anyway.

    • Lubos Soltes Whats why you wait until they have fired, make a slight turn kill the low HP and turn back.

      The guy had a really good game, but that was a fuckup at the end and it cost him a win.

    • Good luck with that tactic against multiple enemies … it only reliably works against a single enemy and he was 1. at low speed, so his turning rate was slow 2. next to an island and I think already grounded ….

  15. If he had trained his guns on the lower hp bayern instead of spreading fire between both of them he could’ve at least dragged one down with him and equalise the score, and if he had chosen to charge into the 2 bayerns instead of running away from them he might’ve been able to take one down and ram the other if he was lucky.

    Lot’s of ‘ifs’ here, but ultimately some rather bad tactical decision making on his part tbh, and that like what someone said, is what separates the good players and the unicums

    • He shouldn’t have contested the C cap with those Bayerns at all. Losing 1 cap out of 3 was irrelevant at that point, and if he’d simply run north after the Independence and stayed alive, he would have secured the win. Certainly once the second Bayern came back around the island, he should have been making tracks out of there.

  16. 1:09 “You cannot match the superior warspite firepower” INDEED. BRING ME SOME TEA AND LETS COLONIZE SOME STUFF

  17. And now it’s time for the comments section to play Armchair General. What? You know it’s going to happen with this kind of video.

  18. “The Arizona has a large health pool, poor anti-aircraft guns, is vulnerable to aircraft carriers” *Laughs in Japanese*

    • The attack only came as a surprise to America because it had its arrogant head up its ass. They’d been blockading Japan and knew that Japan would have break the blockade and attack soon or accept loss in their war in China and probably eventual invasion and massacre by the Chinese. Yet America didn’t bother to even attempt to monitor the Japanese navy.

    • +thegeneral123 oh shut the hell up you stupid nationalist subhuman inbred. it’s an event that happened in the past, if we aren’t allowed to make fun of the past then we aren’t allowed to make jokes PERIOD. Get bent you filth.

    • as she was historically…
      Tora! Tora! Tora!

    • Chinese were in no position to invade Japan, (with what fleet?) moreover the moment Japanese would leave they would be at each other throats in war between Cahng and Mao… All Japan needed was to stop dreams of imperialism and settle on peaceful trade with the world (which tehy did but only after wasting waay too many lives). USN was just not counting on Japan deciding on unwinnable war…

  19. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt badly hurt when fighting planes in the Arizona. It does a fine job unless you follow the Flamu school of bote’ing and favor concealment. Then you’re made of damage farming for enemy carriers.

    19:42 I rather strongly disagree, Jingles. Decisions can only be judged in the moment and there is no possible way for SirDerp to have known that the two battleships would decide to come out of the cap to pursue him instead of staying in the cap and killing him from there. His decision was a good one in the moment, unlike the decision of an unarmed carrier to try to ram one with plenty of planes to spare, especially as he probably isn’t an American AAA junkie like me and thus probably didn’t spec to defend against planes.

  20. In war, Generals say that, “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”
    In online games, Players say that, “No plan survives contact with your teammates.”

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