World of Warships – Undergunned

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The Grosser Kurfurst. Twelve 420mm guns, eight 150mm guns and twenty 128mm guns. Not exactly what most people think of when the word “undergunned” comes to mind.
Wargaming: “Hold my vodka!”

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  1. Yay Jingles time of the day !!!

  2. Amazing way to start my morning off The Mighty Jingles

  3. You shouldn’t have mentioned the black bars until the end. I never would have noticed them. Now I’m just going to be staring at them.

  4. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Just a quick reminder. Preussen will take Kurfurst, so Grind Kurfurst as fast as you can, Kurfurst Will be a special ship and Preussen will take the Tier X Spot.

    • @RearAdmiralBIGCORE jesus, they copy Gacha and RPG games, lol

    • @Legendendear The blog says, ‘Grosser Kurfurst will remain on the accounts of it’s owners. If the ship was researched but not bought, sold or the branch was reset, she will be invoiced to the players account’…… I’m still not certain what this means but I took it as meaning you WILL NOT get the new ship if the GK wasn’t researched AND bought?

    • @Bushcraft1974
      bad translation.
      I assume it will be the same as with moskva. And there you only had to research it once and you got it.

    • @Syed Ushher Ahmad I had same way with Dm donskoy and Moskva , i had like 30k left to research it , but I have taken brake from game , and when I cam back I needed to grind Nevsky from 0 xp , so I would recommend you just buy GK , you still have few months left to save credits.

    • @JaBaited I don’t play GK since the german BC entered game, actually T7. I really don’t think i’ll play again FdG to get this new crap with the SAME DISPERSON of GK.

  5. Now I’m imagining the Kurfürst and Schliefen doing a sing-off: “Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you!”

  6. Me who just got the Grosser Kurfurst yesterday.

    “The Schliefen is basically better than the GK.”

    *Internal screaming intensifies*

    • I remember back when WG split the russian heavy line back in WoT, I was at the IS-3 and grinding out the IS-4 on my way to the IS-7. I already had the IS-4 researched, just not the cash. Then they made it into the new T10 heavy of its line. But I wanted the IS-7, not the damn IS-4, so I then started grinding out the new T9 after the IS-3, then the IS-7. My clanmates were laughing their asses off that I could have had my first T10 ages ago, but I instead kept grinding the other one.

    • Good news for you WG remove GK and replace it with other ship , and GK will become premium/special ship , same as they did with Moskva … same will happen with Petro.

    • @DanDorugh Not exactly. You will have to grind out the Preussen with FdG if you want her. But you *will* have a free special T10 German BB, more or less for free, whether you get the Preussen or not.

    • First time, Mr. Mustang?

    • @dclark142002 Yes, considering GK is the 2nd Tier 10 I’ve gotten since Closed Beta.

  7. LOL he will be the first to admit he had NO idea the shima was on his left early on in the game 😀

  8. 13:20 – ‘well actualy Jingles….’ 😂
    … russian CV’s skipbombers don’t have to get anywhere near to AA fire to pummel the crap out of the enemy ships. Those planes are never have to be in danger, and the CV never loose them. They can be launched in full squadrons all times.
    Well done WG?

    • Cameron McAllister

      If they do enter the AA radius, of course there’s the small issue of the AA guns not being loaded, so they’re even more immune.

    • Indeed. And it makes ships with average AA helpless against a Russian CV since you will never kill enough planes that the squadrons will have reduced sizes. Also, by the time one squadron has hit you, the second squadron launches so fast that they can be around halfway to you, so you are constantly under fire.

  9. How do you miss the Grosse Kürfürst with a dutch airstrike?! The ship is larger than the target area!

  10. Nice to see you back Jingles and to use the age old phrase = well Jingles – The accuracy German of guns in WW1; the optical sights were notoriously fragile after firing several salvos and the accuracy was lost later on in any battle similarly to the radar in WW2. this was due to the longer distance across the sights (much longer than the RN sights) throwing out the sight when disturbed by the firing of the main guns (reference Sea power Anthony Preston). It is really nice to listen to you again. Kindest regards

  11. Well, to be fair to the ww1 era British gunnery, it was really just Beattie who was an idiot when it came to gunnery. The main elements of the Grand Fleet were actually really good shots. And also kept their magazines closed.

  12. Actually Jingels it was the British Battlecruisers that went bang during Jutland by leaving the flash doors open and going for rate of fire not the Battleships, in fact the British Battleships had quite good accuracy in fact the Queen Elizabeths Gunnery was a bit to accurate their opening salvo at the German Battlecrusier missed because their spread was to tight if they had a more normal spread they would have got hits on their first salvo.

  13. Certified Jingles moment at 10:08: Those were the Shima torps Aetam passed by safely, Not Halland torps. The Halland launched both his Two launchers at the Worcester, so he could’t even have fired those…

    What are you doing with that AK Jingles?

  14. Jingles getting sidetracked and talking about naval history is the only reason i get out of bed in the morning

  15. 3:37 Jingles saying how inaccurate the guns are. Stationary cruiser, broadside at 10km. 12 round salvo, no hits. LOL.

  16. So I have to admit I did actually miss the Shima. Despite the fact that I was hydroing it. I had a pretty good laugh once I noticed though. Also thanks for featuring my replay!

  17. Underestimating German bb:s just due to bad accuracy is usually a big mistake. When they hit, they hard as hell and pen is excellent.

  18. Jingles, I could listen to you talk about navel history for hours.

  19. This is a pointless comment too tell YouTube, “I’m engaged’. Jingles’ videos aren’t showing up in my feed anymore. Thanks for the video, Jingles. They’re a great part of my morning. 🙂

  20. Once again a great and fun video to watch. Jingles highlights perfectly why you SHOULD NEVER spend money on this game just to get the latest new shiny toy, because eventually (usually sooner than later) all that money you spent will soon get power crept into oblivion and the only way to keep up is to keep spending money on the latest and greatest. And so the cycle goes here at War Gaming.

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