World of Warships: Understanding the Mikhail Kutuzov – Commentary [175k damage]

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Truly the most unique ship WG has released so far, poorly armored and very vulnerable, yet has the potential to inflict an incredible amount of damage.


  1. nice one !!

  2. +Flamu great video! What do you think about skipping concealment expert and
    go for demolition expert with higher fire chance. Isn’t this setup more
    suitable for her, because you get mostly spotted anyway while shooting? In
    case you use the DD captain ok, but otherwise?

  3. That fire is insane. You’d easily killed that supposed hardcounter to your
    ship if you’d stayed focused on him.

  4. +Flamu 17,74 km and only 12.31 seconds shell travel time on the Kutuzov.
    Compared to the Cleveland whopping 18 seconds shell travel time to 17,5 km
    (with AFT) this is definitely more manageable and you’re able to land shots
    on target.
    Frankly I have no idea why they nerfed the 155mm Cleveland guns so badly.
    They are practically useless until the target closes in to less than 14 km
    (preferably 10-12, but then you’re in serious trouble yourself).
    Confirmed, Russian OP :D

  5. How do you feel about the Mikhail Kutuzov in ranked battles? The Russian
    DD`s seem to no longer cope with ranked after the gun and hp nerf to the

    Still have my commander Trotskij and want to play ranked with him.

  6. Strong ship in the right hands that and the Mogami are the last things I
    want to see heading for my smoke cloud when I play a DD.

  7. great vid

  8. I’m in awe of your gameplay 😛 I’m not a bad player (Schmoot on NA) but I
    just don’t have you skill and enjoy watching your channel to try and
    improve. Loving Misha here a lot so far

  9. I don’t think that citadel was a “lucky citadel” to be honest.
    Right now crusiers are just like this, you get hit even at extreme angle,
    BBs will pen you.
    And if they pen you at correct places, it will result in citadel. Even in
    bow on Aoba and Myoko I get citadel by BBs all the time let alone something
    with so little armor as this thing.
    I really hope crusiers can avoid taking citadel hits from BBs at extreme
    angles…. Broadside? sure I can accept being one shot by BBs if I make
    dumb mistakes, but playing everything right and still getting citadelled
    constantly? No. Just No

  10. Definitely lends its own playstyle, solid ship however, I enjoy mine.

  11. hmmm… speaking purely from the other side (don’t own a MK and never
    will), I didn’t find her as squishy as I always hear… might just be that
    I don’t know where to shoot or that I’m unlucky with my spreads, but I
    don’t seem to get any more citadels against her than against other ships at
    that tier, neither from BBs nor from my Hipper…

  12. Flamu, How is goin getting ter 10 German Cruiser?

  13. This is an extremely fun and awesome ship to play. I still lean toward my
    Atago’s stealth and play style but they are two very different beasts to
    play. I’ve seen alot of players on the forums viewing the ship as an AA
    escort, this ship has huge offensive capability in the hands of a skilled
    player as Flamu has pointed out. The 152mm AP rounds are extremely capable.
    I have scored multiple citadels on Tier 8 and lower BB with the AP shells.
    I would almost say the AP impact damage against BB is higher than the HE
    shells but the HE shells add the benefit of setting fires and exhausting
    damage control. If I recall correctly I’ve had a match with like 26 fires
    set or something like that. Very devastating.

  14. trademark “hello hello” intro that sound like coming from underground :D

  15. Had the weirdest thing with twitch today, was waiting for the stream and it
    didnt show up. Checked you past broadcast 5 minutes ago and then i found

  16. Hey dude, love your vids. One thing I have noticed that when you turn
    towards a ship shooting at you, your ship leans away from your opponent
    which I think actually exposes more of your citadel as it’s not being
    covered by the water.

  17. will you be able to stealth shot without the captain consealment skill ?

  18. Couldn’t see the vid cause of Music restrictions from GEMA. Youtube block
    this vid in Germany.

  19. that citidel remind me when i played pensacola

  20. What are your plans for the other 3 captain skill points? Swap BFT for DE
    or pick low tier small upgrades?

  21. +Flamu
    How can you switch so fast the planes you attack?

  22. So it’s an excellent support cruiser. How is the AP against other cruisers?

  23. Got any playlist you use? The music is so chill!

  24. Decent ship but not worth the money.

  25. This ship gives paper boat a new meaning. 1 cit and 1 hit = one shot from
    T9-10 BBs

  26. great video, also do you have any tips on how to disengage in a battle ship
    if you find your self too far forward? Like when is it the right time to
    turn around.

  27. +Flamu dude I just subscribed to your channel. I’ve been looking for a
    channel like yours for quite a while. A guy with good quality who CAN
    ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME, and someone that someone like me with a 56% winrate
    (73% ranked) can actually learn something from.
    Keep up the good work!

  28. Even though I got a bit salty at the lucky citadel I got hit with at the
    end, it did end up serving as a great example of what happens when you try
    to use the smoke after taking damage, instead of using it long before the
    chance for damage even occurs. Also a big shoutout to Mikigamingshow for
    donating enough money to me on my stream so that I could buy the ship and
    do this commentary.

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