World Of Warships – Unedited #1 – Drunkest Memotaur

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Guess… who’s… alive!
Hello peeps, I hope you’re all doing well!
I had some time to edit a quick vid from some files I had left over on my hard drive, and this one was too fun not to share…
It’s from a (very) drunken stream, and even tho the footage is quite old, I’m sure (at least I hope) you’ll have fun waching it.
Headphones users caution is advised though 😉
I think I might create a temporary serie called “Unedited” where I just upload all the & battles I couldn’t edit before I left.
Some might be commentated live, others might just be raw footage. But at least I won’t have to delete them. I hope you guys won’t mind the fall in video quality (although the gameplay still is entertaining)… anyway!
For those who are wondering, I’m doing very fine with the new job and the new place, and I hope to be back as soon as possible!
Untill then, have a good one, and take it easy!
Kind regards to you all,

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  1. Yay new video

  2. Hey Robin, nice to hear from you o/… Wish u all the best and hopefully see you soon again. Take care mate

  3. jazz51 lior_jan

    nice yolo:)

  4. Hey, nice to see you again; nobody can stop the minomeme

  5. Joy the boys back on the tube! Nice dude

  6. He is Back 😍

  7. Wow this game was the day of my bike crash aswell! I shud have stayed playing that day!

  8. But wait….. there’s moar

  9. 2 games of pure roadkill

  10. Hey Robin, hope you re doing well and see you soon!

  11. Submit this to sea smackdown. This is a good game…

  12. Got the Des Moines and am up to Edinburgh. Love these machine gun glass cannons.

  13. Hey Robin’s back! Never caught your streams…

    Up to Fiji now, this video gives me hope for what awaits me at the end!

    • The Sailing Robin

      Nathan Hartanto heyo! I’m not back, but I had some time on my hands to edit a couple of easy highlights for you to enjoy! No stream planned until further notice. But you’ll know when I make my return 😉

  14. Damn it, Robin, stop drinking and answer your mail.

  15. Robin I have missed you. Glad you are back. On or shortly after our treason day us Colonials salute the French for making it possible. Never doubt. We got your back. Namaste Danny

    • The Sailing Robin

      Howdy! Even tho I’m not back, and this is quite old footage, I’m glad I can still upload some “unfinished projects”
      And there’s more to come 😉
      Thx for the kind words, Danny!

  16. Now that was a video dripping in awesome sauce – good to see you’re still (slightly) around 🙂

  17. Hey Robin,
    nice to see one of your videos again
    Hope everything is working out as you wanted and can’t wait to see more of your vids/streams again!

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