World Of Warships – Unedited #5 – Longest Of All Baguettes

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Henri IV. This ship is scary!
Unfortunately for this replay, my microphone wasn’t recording for some reasons. So you’ll only hear my teamate. Although, the action is worth it, and this game has to be the best I ever had in this ship so far.
Enjoy 🙂


  1. Great vids mate like the unedited for a change aswell! 💪👍⛵

  2. Wtf lol………diz iz de nuww France cuizier tir den?x

  3. Fantastico

  4. Is the title a wordplay, or did you misspell ‘longest’? 😀

  5. I was wondering why I didn’t hear you.. Then I read the description 😀
    Awesome game, as always. I found the Henri to be a VERY strong ship, she became one of my favorite T10 cruisers.

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