World of Warships – Unique Modules

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Discuss teased modules for tier 10 ships from the Developer Blog by Wargaming. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day! – Discord Server


  1. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    O very interesting

  2. These new modules changes are bullshit aren’t they tired of killing battleships?

  3. Early bois. Much love notser!

  4. To hell with the nerfed smoke, I’m using radar yueyang (laughter)
    But seriously, I think some of these modules would be completely useless. Concealment module is too important.

    • ArmchairWarrior

      yeah, a few of them are no brainers some of them are total passes. I just dont understand how WG suffers with balancing things. Is it so hard to stay impartial and to say which would i rather take, then buff the other one or nerf the one you would rather take – then continue doing that until you cant decide, THEN and only then is everything balanced. I cant remember a time when the modules were balanced in a way that made me think hard

  5. Richard Strickland

    Nice to hear from you again. Missed you the last couple of days.

  6. ThatAussieBloke

    mmm that Khaba range looks tasty 🙂

    • Sorry, but I’m unimpressed. Giving up the slot 5 Steering module is HUGE, IMO. Without it, the Khab has all the agility of a pregnant whale.

    • cant agree more, i wonder if they are going to be the only option for the respective slots because otherwise some of this changes look like straight nerfs and others like buffs…

    • hope its a slot 6 module, Notser mentioned smtn like that

  7. Nerdiness detail increases as the fun factor decreases.

  8. I don’t know if I should switch out module 5… Concealment is almost as important as household WiFi.

    • Only Worcester module 5 seems to be worth the tradeoff. I am hyped for Zao Shima Radar Yue and in part Yamato.

    • i dont use concealment module on my hindenburg.. i used it but didnt like it very much
      using double rudder was for enjoyable for me

  9. So the shimakaze gets nothing because I would never use that with 50% incapacitation like you said it is just a MEGA NERF! And now the gearing has better concealment shimakaze will never cap again.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      dean toutant WORK IN PROGRESS.

    • Yolodude1902 Andreas

      Now do you use the torpedo reload slot6 mod? It also does +50 to damage tubes, cause if u do the things that are different are -10%reload time buff and the traverse speed nerf

    • well actually notser forgot to mention that torp incapacitation chance is exacly same as for torp reload module currently being used on the slot – basically you get better reload at the cost of traverse speed….

      Issue I personally see here is that this module(s) – if nothing else changes, reinforces shimakaze playstyle I praticulary didn’t like – long range torpedo spammer.

      why you ask?
      well for ones the shimakaze module kills torpedo tube traverse speed so you won’t be able to make any quick aim adjustments (like changing your side) so preferebly you will want to A) have all enemies on your one side, B) not bump imto other DDs

      couple this with gearing’s improved concealment module closing up again the spotting advantage, limiting your room of comfort when trying to be, you know, usefull to the win of team, this will only encourage not getting close at all.

      especially with all those radars in the game

      EDIT: and all of that despite wargaming claims that they are against long range torpedo spammer playstyle

  10. You keep talking about giving up concealment, but you are missing one of the MOST important features of that module. and that is the increase in dispersion of shells fired @ your ship. IMO that’s even worse. Why would you give that up?

    • Thats because they cant shoot at your ship if they cant see your ship. Also concealment allows more flexibility on positioning and allows you to choose when to engage or disengage targets

    • an INCREASE of dispersion of shells fired at your ship is GOOD for YOU.

  11. NOTSER….hey bubba, I want to thank you for your content. i am a burn survivor that is low vision (basically legally blind). I am not able to do the things I used to enjoy. I found this game and enjoy every second of it. It is nice to have a CC that goes a bit more in depth into navigating the port. Most Cc’s don’t cover such things but I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness since WG does a poor job communicating such things. Your approach in making content is very much appreciated. I wish you continued success in all you do. Plus, it’s nice to have a fellow TEXAN as a prominent voice in a game I love so much…..Honestly, Texas is the home of The Alamo, King of the Hill, and Notser. Pretty good trifecta if I do say so myself. Take care.

    • Binks Webelf …I appreciate the offer but since I can’t see too well I set myself up on the EU server when I downloaded the game. I have no idea how I did it

    • You can change your server if you’d like Mike, just google it or re download the client.

    • Justin.D….really? I dint know you could switch servers. if I can switch server I will defiantly will as long as I can keep all my hard earned ships

    • u can download wows realms tool, lets u change severs without having to download the client again
      but ull need to create a new account for NA sever also it will be a fresh account so all T1 ships in port, better use humble bundle package

    • General Cartman Lee

      Active World of Warships players can also create a link for the “recruit a friend” program.
      If someone uses that link to create a new account he gets the tier 2 premium cruiser Diana and if he reaches tier 6 he gets the tier 5 premium battleship USS Texas, 3 million credits and some flags:
      Notser should really put his referral link in the video descriptions. 😉

  12. I think Montana gets the worst out of the BB here…

    Because With that upgrade the BEST Concealment you can get is 14.9 witch will make it the Least stealthy Tier 10 BB, Conquer Just gets a Better version of it and its Concealment only goes to 13.4 which is still the best as it is tied with the Montana’s Full speck….

    I say for the Montana they do:

    *Montana slot 6*
    -10% Fire duration
    -30% to rudder shift time
    -10% to Flood duration
    -11% to Dispersion,

    So replace the -70% to rudder repair and instead give it the Accuracy Buff with it and make it Slot 6 instead of slot 5.

    • cobrazax

      Only Montana and Iowa get the Current -11% to Dispersion….
      And it has no trade of right now.

    • so offering another optional upgrade instead of it, that has -11% to Dispersion AS WELL as a lot of other useful things, is NOT an optional choice. the whole point is having different viable options to choose from

    • cobrazax

      It would Replace it. So the original 11% would be gone.

      And it’s not a Choice with the others ether!

      Faster reload AND The same Dispersion Buff the Montana gets all for the -15% to turret speed witch is also already a thing with the Reload Upgrade (the one everyone uses)

      This isint for the sake of Multiple Valid Choices these are here to Be Used instead of the others in these ships and ONLY These ships.

    • this vid is about OPTIONAL new upgrades for T10, giving more options to choose from.
      what u r suggesting is nothing more than a massive buff to Montana, not different viable upgrade choices.
      instead just say u think Montana is weak and needs a massive buff

    • tbf do feel monty is quite mediocre now…. can’t feel that reduced dispersion much

  13. hindenburg is potentically immune to fire…

  14. Jeff Anthony Enad

    For Zao, I like it if instead of max dispersion it would be nice if it is -20% main gun reload time and +10% main gun max dispersion.

  15. I don’t know what WG has against Shimakaze. The only difference in Shimakaze is that instead of 15% torpedo reload, it becomes 25% so it’s a 10% buff but torpedo turret will traverse like Yamato main guns. What crap upgrade is that? That’s not even an upgrade, that’s a huge nerf. How came -10% torpedo reload can compensate for such a retard change as -80% torpedo tubes traverse time? Why the hell does WG keeps on nerfing torpedos on what is supposed to be a torpedo boat? This WG policy of protecting their “pay to win” BBs is getting out of control, this is becoming World of Tanks.

    • Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

      And then Gearing’s special upgrade makes it’s concealment 5.6km. EXACTLY LIKE “BUFFED” SHIMA.
      WG absolutely hates IJN DDs

  16. I don’t see any reason to take the new module over rudder shift on the Henri. You either go as stealthy or maneuverable as possible. Shooting faster at longer range really isn’t that great since the only things you can hit at that range are BBs.
    Some of these modules seem interesting, others seem useless.

  17. Monty’s upgrade is …… meh I ll stick with concealment thanks. Its already the most mediocre BB at this tier, at least give it something “interesting”

  18. As strong as Concealment is in this game, unless WG removes the concealment upgrade slot there is no way i would ever pick something else over a ship already running it.

  19. That yamato module is awesome XD

  20. Achim Hanischdörfer

    I have to say, the Montana Module sounds interesting. It reads like a “Steering gears modification 3” with benefits. Will have to investigate the viability for clan wars to improve the Montanas tanking capabilities.

    Yamato Module also seems interesting. But traverse time nerf, hmmmmmmm.

    That Conquerer module is almost too good. 13km stealth, better turret traverse, 14s rudder shift…. Smells of heavy cruiser more than BB…

    About the Worcester module: TOO MANY BONUSES. Potentially over 60s radar time, 122 seconds hydro time, 48s defAA, AND still 9.7km stealth. hmmmmmm. Too good I’d say

    Moskva module is a solid “I’ll test”, but “not convinced from just stats”

    That Shimakaze unique module will make the Shima have 36s traverse time on the torpedo tubes. That alone smells like a large enough nerf, to the point where I don’t understand why they make the tubes more fragile.

    The Gearing module will give it the same surfact detect as a fully concealment build Shimakaze. THAT is a no brainer.

    One last point about the carrier modules. Midway has not very good fighters. A 332 Haku dominates a 222 Midway. Haku module has more fighter HP, faster aircraft… Midway module has more attack aircraft HP and slower aircraft speed… I think that should be the other way around. That way the Midway can compete in the air domination game.
    [Thinking Emoji]

    Regards, 4plains

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